Engineered chain, made from alloy steel that provides the strength you need for maximum service life. Joy chain on a Joy machine is the most effective way to maximize performance of the conveying system.

The genuine Joy seal stands for quality and performance. Genuine Joy parts, for Joy machines. They’re a perfect fit.

Joy Continuous Miner Conveyor Chains

  • Superior quality that delivers predictable wear life to manage service time and increase production time
  • Integrated chain and sprocket design minimize downtime and increase component life
  • Sound-dampening designs reduce operator exposure to noise

Joy Shuttle Car Conveyor Chain

  • Predictable and manageable service life that comes from superior quality of manufacturing
  • Integrated chain and sprocket design minimizes downtime and increases component life
  • Flight attachments with built-in shear planes reduce bending and binding of chains when they encounter interferences

Joy Continuous Miner Crawler Chains

  • Grouser configurations deliver improved sumping forces and turning performance to drive up production rates
  • Balanced grouser positioning increases wear life by eliminating high localized contact pressure between the chain and track frames
  • Published component weights and best practices provide the operators with the knowledge to help maintain a safe environment

Joy Feeder-Breaker Conveyor Chains

  • Optimized for your application with easily-adjusted flight spacing
  • Maximum service life with engineered chain specially designed for the application
  • Reliable assembly and disassembly tools lower risks of injury