Controls and Drives

Controls and drives

Your mine thrives on efficiency. Our control and drive technology supercharges your equipment by maximizing key factors that improve your production rates and lower your cost per ton.

Your surface mining operations benefit from our Centurion shovel control system, LINCS II control and monitoring system, and SR hybrid drive.

Your room and pillar operations gain value from our Faceboss control system and Optidrive integrated drive transmission technologies.

And finally, your longwall systems see productivity gains from our Optidrive integrated drive transmission and Optidrive for AFC systems.

Controls and drives highlights

  • The Centurion electrical control system upgrade can supercharge your analog shovel, taking several seconds off each dig cycle and increasing your units moved per hour
  • The Faceboss control system enables your operators to operate equipment at an optimal balance of production rate and cost per ton
  • LINCS II helps increase safety by preventing the operator from executing inappropriate commands
  • Optidrive integrates software with electronic and mechanical systems to provide increased tram speed, regenerative braking, better speed control, and less maintenance
  • Our SR hybrid drive system features high energy efficiency and evenly distributed loads
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Centurion electrical control system

  • 10-15% improvement in haulage load time
  • 10-15% improvement in dig rate
  • 1-3 year payback on investment
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Faceboss control system

  • Optimized cutting, high availability, automated sequences, and setup flexibility
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Standard control platform for all underground equipment
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LINCS II control and monitoring system

  • Instant, real-time feedback
  • Vital statistics, such as bucket height and angle and individual bucket payload
  • An easy-to-interpret graphical format
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SR hybrid drive

  • High energy efficiency
  • Evenly distributed loads
  • No commutator or brushes
OptiDrive Integrated Drive Transmission

OptiDrive integrated drive transmission

  • Optimizes speed control to significantly increase operator control of machine movement
  • Available on all Joy continuous miners, haulage systems, loaders, and longwall system equipment
OptiDrive for AFC

OptiDrive for AFC

  • Specifically designed for armored face conveyors (AFC)
  • Increases safety through electronic overload protection of drive train
  • Reduces chain travel up to 40%