From their ultra-rugged lower works to their spacious machinery decks and classic, twin-leg style handle-and-dipper configuration, P&H electric rope shovels have earned a place as a preferred loading tool for high-production, high-efficiency mine operations.

P&H electric shovels are designed and built to help mines move more material at a lower cost per ton. Our focus on modular component design means more efficient maintenance and upgradability. This emphasis on ease-of-maintenance, combined with the traditionally rugged P&H mechanical systems and increasingly smart, fast control systems, translates into some of the most reliable, productive loading machines in the mining industry today.

Exceptional bail pull

  • Rugged Centurion control system for exceptional bail pull in the hoist function during extremely heavy digging conditions
  • Smooth, rapid dipper passage through the bank for increased dipper fill without stalling
  • Boom and counterweight geometry support the need for maximum dig range and bail pull

Robust and stable design

  • Wide twin-leg handle for stability through the dig cycle
  • Robust electric-driven rack-and-pinion crowd system, with dipper adjustment controls for optimizing digging force during operation
  • Geometry optimized for fatigue resistance in shock and high-load conditions
  • Maximized cutting forces for improved fill factors and cycle times
  • Direct-drive crowd with integral fleeting sheave reduces maintenance costs and helps eliminate boom jacking (4800XPC)
  • Optimized boom design with stabilized handle geometry improves dipper maneuverability and maintenance access
  • Enhanced ring gear resists fatigue and accommodates increased payload (4800XPC)

Reliability and high machine availability

  • Consistently achieves over 90% mechanical availability
  • Proven mining duty motors and gearboxes for extended component lives
  • Structural design using high-strength, low-alloy steels for improved fatigue lives

Rugged components 

  • Dual-hoist motors for balanced and evenly distributed loads
  • DELTA drive for improved shoe-to-tumbler engagement
  • Planetary transmissions with proven long life on swing and propel (over 99 million hours logged)

Highly precise motor control 

  • Rugged Centurion-based compact-design ABB drives
  • Direct torque control with the best dynamic performance in the industry
  • AC drives that are compact, air-cooled, and modular
  • Maintenance-friendly modules that are easy to replace
  • Monitored and controlled neural network of over 500 I/O nodes, using fast, high-capacity Profibus fiber-optic cable network
  • Optimized shovel performance for maximum production rates

Operator comfort and efficiency

  • Responsive control system for operator confidence through the dig cycle
  • Graphical user interface displays shovel systems operation and health information
  • Efficient sight lines and refined ergonomics (adjustable heated seat, massage controls, adjustable lumbar support, and two-position footrest) improve operator effectiveness and reduce fatigue
  • Ergonomic loading control joysticks, brake and propel transfer functions at operator’s fingertips, and dipper trip and signal horn trigger switches reduce operator fatigue and repetitive strain
  • House pressurization system to provide filtered air for cooling and dust repression (all models except 1900XPC)
  • Hand-operated hoist, crowd, swing and propel control joysticks feature thumb-actuated auxiliary switches for siren, dipper trip functions
  • Convenient access to shovel control buttons, switches mounted to the left, right consoles flanking operator
  • Modular counterweight and boarding stairs enhance safety and access while providing faster assembly and disassembly (4800XPC)

Optima dippers

We help you select the ideal dipper for your mining application by considering the following:

  • Production goals
  • Pit geometry
  • Operational layout
  • Truck-loading parameters
  • Drilling and blasting levels
  • Material characteristics
  • Maintenance objectives
  • Previous dipper experience

While your dipper selection will be specific for your application, our P&H dippers feature the following:

(1900XPC & 2300XPC)

  • Square corner lip
  • Fixed-length pitch braces
  • Optional dual-action hydraulic snubbers (friction disc-style standard)

(2800XPC, 4100C, 4100C BOSS, 4100XPC, 4100XPC AC-90, 4800XPC)

  • Adjustable pitch braces for precise rake angles
  • Wide radius lip
  • Dual-action hydraulic snubbers
  • Optional next-generation latching components
  • Optional raised-heel design for improved maintenance and production characteristics (4100C BOSS, 4100XPC, 4100XPC AC-90)
  • Enhanced dipper design for improved bank penetration and higher payload-to-weight ratio (4800XPC)

Proven motor designs

  • Ideal for heavy-duty and severe-duty mining applications
  • Provide robust speed, lower inertia, and peak HP

Mine Air Systems climate control

(2300XPC, 2800XPC, 4100C, 4100C BOSS, 4100XPC, 4100XPC - AC90, 4800XPC models)

The included Mine Air Systems (MAS) climate control system provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization for your electric mining shovel. Featured benefits include:

  • Rugged design specifically engineered for surface mining applications
  • Modular design for unmatched change-out speed and convenience
  • Unique weather-sealed roof-plate eliminates dust and water leaks into the cab and electrical room
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Designed specifically for ozone friendly R-407C refrigerant
  • High-efficiency air filters to suit each application
  • Industrial-sized extra-efficient filter/pressurizer with air pre-cleaner
  • Smooth and quiet scroll-technology compressor
  • Enhanced dipper design provides improved bank penetration and higher payload-to-weight ratio

P&H 1900XPC

  • Nominal payload of 18 mt (20 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 10.7 m3 (14 yd3)

P&H 2300XPC

  • Nominal payload of 45.4 mt (50 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 18.3 to 25.5 m3 (24.0 to 33.0 yd.3)

P&H 2800XPC

  • Nominal payload of 59 mt (65 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 26.8 to 33.6 m3 (35.0 to 44.0 yd.3)

P&H 4100C

  • Nominal payload of 81.6 mt (90 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 45.9 m3 (60 yd.3)

P&H 4100C Boss

  • Nominal payload of 90.7 mt (100 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 44.3 m3 (58.0 yd3)

P&H 4100XPC

  • Nominal payload of 108.9 mt (120 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 52.8 to 61.2 m3 (69 to 82 yd.3)

P&H 4100XPC AC-90

  • Nominal payload of 73 to 82 mt (80 to 90 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 42 to 49 m3 (54 to 64 yd.3)

P&H 4800XPC

  • Nominal payload of 122.5 mt (135 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 65.7 to 70.3 m3 (86 to 92 yd.3