P&H draglines have a solid reputation and proven performance in the industry, with boom lengths and bucket capacities available to meet your specific requirements. Our draglines are built with customer-inspired innovations that help optimize rugged, reliable and safe performance. The advanced P&H Centurion electrical system is standard, enabling long-term reduced operating costs through its maintenance and performance optimizing systems.

In addition, we have designed and manufactured the following for our dragline products:

  • AC drives that are compact, modular, and maintenance friendly, allowing fast and easy replacement that reduces critical downtime
  • P&H motors that are designed specifically for draglines, offering increased speed, improved thermal margin, and higher peak horsepower

Superior Gradial Tub

  • Greater strength-to-weight ratio handles multi-dimensional loads, which allows increased reach and load capacity
  • Gradial design provides multiple load paths for ground-induced forces, eliminating weak points and extending the life of the tub
  • Patented Verti-Shield welding process joins all intersecting plates with one continuous weld, resulting in minimal distortion and residual stresses

Rugged roller circle and roller path

  • Large-diameter roller circle provides low loading in the rail pad support structure and increases tub and deck structure reliability
  • Specially processed forged steel is used to provide long roller and rail life
  • Self-lubricating roller bushings
  • Internal gear design of the swing rack provides better load sharing between the pinion and teeth
  • Large diameter rack reduces gear and pinion loads

Optimized boom

  • Four-chord boom design provides additional stability
  • Wide flange chords allow for full penetration weld joints, as well as ease of inspection from boom walkways
  • A-frame optimized to reduce loading of superstructure components and maximize Rated Suspended Load (RSL) - 9020C & 9020XPC
  • Patented design with a flatter underside improves visibility of the bucket when dumping at limits and balances axial boom working loads
  • Saddle-mounted boom point sheaves allow 16.5° of swivel to follow the pendulum lag of the hoist rope

Superior swing design

  • P&H planetary transmissions are designed for severe-duty mining applications
  • More efficient power transmission means less frictional loss and backlash
  • Four planet pinions reduce tooth loading at each gear mesh

Designed for easy maintenance

  • Platforms allow easy access wherever routine maintenance is required
  • Wide stairways provide efficient access to different levels
  • Integral lifting hooks for easier moving/setting of cases and transmissions
  • Excellent headroom under the deck allows unsurpassed access to top of tub for ease of inspection and maintenance of swing racks, rollers, and rails, as well as superior access to collector ring
  • Oil and grease containment in roller circle is collected with felt paper for easy, environmentally responsible disposal - 9020C & 9020XPC

Constant Contact fairlead (9020C & 9020XPC)

The Constant Contact fairlead design features:

  • Sheave arrangement that maintains constant rope contact
  • Optimized lower swivel frame for high strength and low swing inertia
  • Optimized sheaves for high strength, low inertia, and improved throat sheave geometry
  • Superior ground height for dozer clearance
  • Design that allows easy maintenance of sheaves, bearings, and bushings

Machinery house ventilation and dust removal (9020C & 9020XPC)

The filtration system features:

  • Large filter modules
  • Direct-drive centrifugal blowers for reduced maintenance
  • Easy access to both sides of the filter for easy cleaning

P&H 9020XPC

  • 85 to 122 m3 (110 to 160 yd.3) bucket capacity range
  • 100 to 130 m (325 to 425 ft.) boom length range

P&H 9020C

  • 55 to 93 m3 (75 to 117 yd.3) bucket capacity range
  • 90 to 125 m (300 to 405 ft.) boom length range

P&H 9010C

  • 42 to 60 m(55 to 80 yd.3) bucket capacity range
  • 84 to 107 m (275 to 350 ft.) boom length range