Joy feeder breaker chain

Chains and sprockets

Joy Feeder-Breaker Conveyor Chains

  • Optimized for your application with easily-adjusted flight spacing
  • Maximum up-time from chain, sprockets and machine frame that are designed together for smooth reliable operation
  • Easy to service with available drop-in flights
  • Maximum service life with engineered chain specially designed for the application
  • Manufactured from solid, heat-treated alloy steel for longer flight life
  • Reliable assembly and disassembly tools lower risks of injury
  • Published component weights and best practices help ensure that the operators know how to maintain a safe work environment

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Our genuine Joy chain:

  • Provides maximum productivity of your equipment. Integrated into the
    design of the machine, a Joy chain will ensure you get the most out
    of your machine.
  • Is there when you need it.Joy is dedicated to providing chain 
    products when and where you need them.
  • Represents service expertise. Joy knows what it takes to get the most out your
    chain and is there when you need us. Joy wants to help you get the most
    out of your equipment.

 Feeder-Breaker Chain Components


  • 3-1/2” (89mm) pitch
  • 220,000 lbf (980kN) ultimate strength
  • Hardened bushings and case-hardened pins maximize service life
  • Flight attachment possible on every other pitch
  • Optional zinc, chrome or nickel plating to protect against corrosion
  • Optional seals extend wear life by keeping abrasive debris out of journals


  • Heat-treated alloy steel flights with forged flight ends provide toughness and
    durability to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Staggered grouser bars keep the return deck clear from debris for reliable operation
  • Optional bolt-on flight ends provide quick and easy replacement of flights

Head shafts/Tail shafts:

  • Alloy steel shafts with reliable mountings
  • Forged sprockets with superior strength and durability
  • Split sprockets available for service repair (eight tooth, nine tooth, ten tooth)

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