Joy Global in the Community

Community relations

Our goal is to operate as a strong, sustainable organization with a genuine social responsibility to our people and the communities where we live and work. 

We take a comprehensive approach that aligns with our corporate values and maximizes the impact we can have as a global organization. We focus our investment of financial and employee volunteer resources to address specific initiatives within the local communities in which we operate; these include education, community development, and human services. 

Our community programs are not just about writing a check. We get actively involved in many of the programs, often providing leadership and teams of volunteers. Our employees are fully engaged in our community relations efforts, offering generous help when needs arise. 

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 Joy Global Foundation - thumb

Our foundation

For more than 30 years, our foundation has provided financial support for non-profit charitable organizations in the U.S. communities where Komatsu Mining operates.
Why We Believe in Education - Thumb

Why we believe in education

We are committed to supporting education, particularly programs that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

University activities

We are committed to supporting mining education through scholarships and advisory councils.
Why We Believe in Community Development - Thumb

Why we believe in community development

We build and support the communities in which we work and live by investing in partnerships with organizations that revitalize and enrich our local neighborhoods.

Why we believe in human services

We work to enhance the quality of life of others through support of organizations that address basic human needs.

Taking a step FORWARD to make a little difference

Our Komatsu Mining staff in India helped make life a little less complicated for their neighbours experiencing health emergencies by donating an Intensive Care Ambulance to Hope Kolkata Foundation.

Anniversary of partnership with Hope Kolkata Foundation

The employees at Komatsu's Kolkata office are proud to mark the one-year anniversary of their partnership with Hope Kolkata Foundation.