Each day, we move one step forward to strengthen our commitment to helping those in need.  

Our Komatsu Mining staff in India helped make life a little less complicated for their neighbours experiencing health emergencies. In India, transportation of critically ill patients is a serious concern since there is a severe lack of affordable transportation options. To address this need, Indian employees from the Kolkata main office donated an Intensive Care Ambulance to our community partner Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF); the Honourable Consul-General of Japan in Kolkata, Mr Masayuki Taga, graced the occasion with his inspiring words.

 HKF 1

This ambulance will be operated by Hope Hospital, a part of the Hope Kolkata Foundation. Hope Hospital will provide this service free of cost to those in need. The ambulance is fully equipped with the necessary emergency lifesaving equipment and supplies to provide an environment equivalent to an ICU of a hospital. An ICU-trained nurse and attendant from Hope Hospital will provide expert care during the transportation of critically ill patients. This ambulance will also serve as a Mobile Medical Unit during the night. This night service is aimed at serving street dwellers who cannot afford to lose a day’s wage to visit a hospital during the day.

HKF 2 

Hope Kolkata Foundation is an organisation committed to provide sustainable development for the underprivileged and vulnerable members of the population with a special focus on children and persons living in difficult circumstances. Over the years, our Kolkata office has supported numerous programs through the foundation: 

  • Ashar Alo – A Light of Hope. This project provides a safe home with nutrition, health care, education and support to orphaned, abused, abandoned, or trafficked adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age. The girls have earned acknowledgement from various institutions in dance, martial arts, drawing and academics in the past year and have won multiple trophies. We are indeed proud of our girls !! 
  • School Infrastructure Project. We created child-friendly environments in 20 schools and one boys home by providing classroom seating, purified drinking water and proper sanitation. We are delighted that HKF has estimated that over 4700 children will be positively impacted by this project.  
  • Childhood Blindness Eradication Project. We partnered with HKF to provide free Eye Check-Up camps in Kolkata and neighbouring areas; in the last year, 48 camps benefited over 7000 children and adults. When serious eye problems are diagnosed in the camps, patients are then treated at Hope Hospital; last year, 1000 patients were treated at 79 Specialized Outdoor Eye Clinics at Hope Hospital.  
  • Eye Operation Theatre. We fully sponsor an operation theatre, supplying all required medical equipment for eye surgeries at Hope Hospital; in the last year, 124 surgeries were performed for underprivileged patients.  

Our objective is to give back to society by improving the quality of life and building capacities; with each step forward we hope to make a small difference.