Employee training isn’t one-size-fits-all. When developing your employee training program, rely on flexible delivery methods that can meet your specific training needs. With e-learning and instructor-led training options available, we provide competency-based learning designed to provide your staff with the knowledge, skills and understanding required for demonstrating competence against industry standards.

Fundamental training

Fundamentals include the essential knowledge and skills required to perform one’s job description. Examples of fundamental training topics are:

  • Basic electronic/electrical theory
  • Basic hydraulic/pneumatic theory
  • Basic mechanical systems theory

We provide a variety of basic training online. Refer to our training descriptions for more on the basic lessons offered.

Note that we highly recommend individuals have a strong fundamental knowledge prior to participating in any of our product-specific training initiatives.


E-learning is ideal for your helping your employees master product-specific knowledge-based training. This approach allows them to review content as often as necessary to truly understand the material. Content includes engaging 2D/3D artwork, photos and animations to enhance the learning experience.

Examples of our product-specific knowledge-based training include:

  • System descriptions
  • Theory of operations
  • System diagnostics
  • System inspection/maintenance practices

You and your employees can access our training online in multiple languages at any time, from anywhere. With virtual learning, your training costs are reduced, while your staff benefits from the ability to learn at their own pace and in their own environment. In addition, this format allows you to offer consistent training to all your staff around the world.

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training (ILT) is ideal for mastering product-specific skills-based training. We offer our ILT training in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Longview, Texas, locations, as well as in the field at your location.

ILT in Milwaukee and Longview gives your staff the opportunity to work hands-on with the latest equipment system components. Students are introduced to skills-based topics in a classroom environment and then move to our training lab for practice on successfully troubleshooting and maintaining specific equipment.

Field-based training is held at your preferred location, using your equipment. This approach allows your staff to work directly with their own equipment with instructors that tailor the training for your particular models. Our regional trainers are able to deliver customized training that is backed by the world-class training principles used in Milwaukee and Longview.

Virtual instructor-led training

For additional flexibility in scheduling, we offer virtual instructor-led training, with the same level of quality training as with the in-person training. Our instructors use a variety of delivery tools, like Webex and Microsoft Teams, to reach your technicians and operators – without the travel expenses.

This virtual training uses existing course outline topics that can be scheduled in two to four-hour sessions. They can be customized to small group sessions for maintenance training. Operator training uses the same platform as the maintenance training, except we suggest using a local agent to assist in directing the training. We can also provide a “coaching” type session to discuss topics like operator best practices.