Payload 2 highlights

  • Maximize truck load without overfilling
  • Reduce shovel and truck structural damage and maintenance caused by overloads
  • Reduce risk of dangerous, costly spillage on haul roads
  • Save production time with automatic calibration
  • Get all onboard information on one integrated GUI screen
  • Maintain usability in case of primary sensor loss with the backup load estimator

Help your shovel operators hit the truck’s target load every time

Payload 2 is a highly accurate, real-time dipper load weighing system that helps your operators maximize truck load without overfilling. Every truck has its own optimal target load at which you minimize cost and maximize profit. Overloading trucks can be costly due to increased maintenance, early tire failure, increased fuel consumption, spillage, or even rejected loads. On the other hand, underloading trucks severely undermines your productivity. By upgrading your shovel to include Payload 2, you give your operator access to both the dipper load and the current truck load (normally within 5% or better of a scale measurement). When your operator hits the target load every time, you maximize productivity while decreasing the likelihood of structural damage caused by overloading.

Key production metric tracking

Payload 2 supplies the operator and Remote Health Monitor with much more than just the current material weight. It also includes:

  • Current and previous dipper payload
  • Trended dipper payloads
  • Current truck loading time
  • Current deviation from target
  • Current truck accumulated load
  • Current cycle time
  • Swing angle
  • Total tons this shift
  • Tons per hour of operation this shift
  • Average truck loading time this shift
  • Average truck tons this shift
  • Average cycle time this shift

Integrates with Remote Health Monitor

Payload 2 can be integrated with the Komatsu Remote Health Monitor (RHM) to further enhance your ability to optimize loading and manage assets.

Available as an upgrade on P&H electric mining shovels with updated Centurion control system and standard on all 4800XPC shovels. Note that a system audit will be conducted on any field shovel receiving this as a retrofit to verify compatibility.

If Payload 2 eliminates just 50% of your out-of-target truck loads, what type of increase would you see in production and decrease in truck maintenance? 

Learn more form your Komatsu sales representative or contact us directly. 

Related mining equipment

P&H 4800XPC

  • Nominal payload of 122.5 mt (135 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 65.7 to 70.3 m3 (86 to 92 yd.3

P&H 4100XPC AC-90

  • Nominal payload of 73 to 82 mt (80 to 90 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 42 to 49 m3 (54 to 64 yd.3)

P&H 4100XPC

  • Nominal payload of 108.9 mt (120 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 52.8 to 61.2 m3 (69 to 82 yd.3)

P&H 4100C Boss

  • Nominal payload of 90.7 mt (100 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 44.3 m3 (58.0 yd3)

P&H 4100C

  • Nominal payload of 81.6 mt (90 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 45.9 m3 (60 yd.3)

P&H 2800XPC

  • Nominal payload of 59 mt (65 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 26.8 to 33.6 m3 (35.0 to 44.0 yd.3)

P&H 2300XPC

  • Nominal payload of 45.4 mt (50 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 18.3 to 25.5 m3 (24.0 to 33.0 yd.3)