P&H 2800XPC Electric Rope Shovel

Electric rope shovels

P&H 2800XPC

  • Nominal payload of 59 mt (65 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 26.8 to 33.6 m3 (35.0 to 44.0 yd.3)
  • Ideal for loading 154 to 218 mt (170 to 240 st) and larger haul trucks
  • Proven, consistent high machine availability of at least 90%
  • Optimized dipper geometry for increased fill factors
  • A full suite of service products and consumables are available, including wire rope, GET, crawler shoes and more
  • Mechanical upgrades, repair and rebuild services are available worldwide

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The 2800XPC electric rope shovel has a nominal payload of 59 mt (65 st). The durable and versatile 2800XPC, an industry leader since 1969, is used in surface mines in almost 20 countries.

Working ranges

Height of cut 16.6 m 54 ft. 6 in.
Radius of cut 24.2 m 79 ft. 3 in.
Dumping height (door open)* 9.1 m 30 ft. 0 in.
Floor level radius 16.4 m 53 ft. 9 in.
Tail swing radius 9.9 m 32 ft. 6 in.
Operator eye level 9.6 m 31 ft. 4 in.
*Height shown with bail-type dipper. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compact-bail dippers. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height.


Nominal payload* 59.0 mt 65.0 st
Nominal dipper capacity
SAE struck
SAE 2:1

26.8 to 33.6 m3
29.2 to 36.6 m3

35.0 to 44.0 yd3
38.1 to 47.9 yd3
Rated suspended load 122.5 mt 135 st
Optimum truck size 172 to 240 mt 190-265 st
*Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors. Contact us for an analysis of your specific application. 

Overall dimensions

Width 13.1 m 43 ft. 0 in.
Length 14.8 m 48 ft. 8 in.
Height over gantry 12.4 m 40 ft. 9 in.
Width of crawler shoes 1,422 mm
1,829 mm
56 in.
72 in.
Width of crawlers (56") 9.0 m 29 ft. 8 in.
Length of crawlers 10.8 m 35 ft. 5 in.
Ground clearance 1.0 m 3 ft. 4 in.
Height: ground to bottom of counterweight slabs 2.7 m 8 ft. 10 in.

Centurion electrical control system

The Centurion electrical control system provides superior performance, monitoring, and data integration capabilities.

The supervisory controller, with direct integrated communication with the motor drives, allows precise motor control and fast cycle times. Real-time multi-tasking capability means optimal machine logic sequencing, monitoring, and control.

The I/O system uses the Profibus communication protocol for seamless integration of all shovel subsystems. Low-voltage 23V DC I/O drop points feature open- and short-circuit detection for improved diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The graphical user interface features intuitive, icon-based screens that display vital information, including shovel status, troubleshooting information, and optional production monitoring data and operator feedback.

Learn how Centurion maximizes your shovel’s efficiency. 

PreVail remote health management system

The PreVail remote health management (RHM) system provides timely and efficient machine health and performance data. The PreVail RHM system taps into the powerful communication, command, and control capabilities of the shovel's electrical control system, transforming the data into valuable knowledge, including KPI (key performance indicator) dashboards, graphical analysis tools, predictive modelling, and reporting tools.

When you activate PreVail RHM on your 2800XPC shovel, you have access to:

  • Increased asset performance visibility to help you determine when to intervene, minimizing corrective action costs
  • Valuable risk management tools that help reduce troubleshooting time and mean time to recovery
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarking that makes performance gaps more visible and allow you to set in motion corrective measures to maximize productivity
  • Operating practices analysis that allows you to review and correct operators that are not following best practices for optimal productivity

The initial subscription period of one year is included free; after one year, subscription fees apply.

Learn how PreVail can help you maximize your shovel’s productivity.

Advanced control technology

Advanced control technologies include the following:

  • Temperature monitoring system for all DC motors, drum shaft bearings, and shipper shaft bearings
  • Drive programming and analysis software
  • Control logic software
  • I/O device monitoring and fault detection
  • Remote health management
  • Extended speed range in hoist and crowd
  • Automatic Boom Soft Setdown (ABSS) and Boom Profile Protection Envelope to help prevent excessive loading to the attachment during operation
  • Anti-swing-in-bank system to reduce excessive side loading on handle and attachment
  • Hoist, crowd, and retract limits
  • Automatic lubrication and compressed air systems control 

LED lighting package

Complete high-efficiency LED lighting available for internal, external, and emergency lighting.

Cold weather equipment

Optional extra heaters and insulation protect both your operator and the shovel in temperatures that reach -40°C.

Universal shovel interface system

The universal shovel interface allows your shovels to send and receive data with any mine management system, including ModularTM, JigsawTM, and WencoTM systems.

On the shovel side

The Centurion electronic control receives information, such as the following, from the mine management system:

  • Haul truck information, including capacity, truck model and ID, and material code
  • Delay codes
  • GPS location of the shovel

On the mine management side

The mine management system receives information, such as the following, from the shovel:

  • Shovel faults
  • Propel start/stop times
  • Payload data, including cycle times and payloads

This information sharing means reduced operation costs, improved production data, and key performance indicator tracking.

Learn how the universal shovel interface can help you maximize your shovel’s productivity.        

Track Shield collision detection and mitigation system

Developed with extensive shovel operator input, Track Shield is the only automated operator-assist technology on an electric rope shovel that detects and helps prevent a dipper from striking the crawler.

Learn how Track Shield can help prevent dipper strikes.

Payload 2

Help your shovel operators hit the truck’s target load range every time with Payload 2.

  • Maximize truck load without overfilling
  • Reduce shovel and truck structural damage and maintenance caused by overloads
  • Reduce risk of dangerous, costly spillage on haul roads
  • Save production time with automatic calibration
  • Get all onboard information on one integrated GUI screen

Learn how Payload 2 can help make truck loading more efficient.

Diverter Test Panel

The diverter test panel is designed to allow a tester to remotely test the electrical operation of the diverter circuit on board a DC shovel. Key diverter circuit components are housed in the panel which is located within the machinery  house, outside the converter cabinet itself. By allowing the tester to perform all testing from a safe location, away from the potential high voltage hazards that exist inside the converter cabinet, the risk of arc flash or electrocution is minimized.

Learn how the Diverter Test Panel helps protect your tester.

Online vibration monitoring 

Online Vibration Monitor 2 provides predictive diagnostics on shovel motion mechanical components to hep minimize downtime. This permanently installed predictive diagnostic tool and service helps detect early stage defects in motors, bearings and transmissions prior to catastrophic failure.

  • Limit lost production from unplanned shutdowns by identifying components nearing end-of-life or experiencing premature defects
  • Monitor while producing: Operational mode records, validates and uploads data during normal production with no operator input needed
  • Proprietary data selection algorithm records only good, valid data
  • Analysis provided by a live expert with OEM knowledge
  • View your data from your internet-connected device using the Remote Health Monitor interface
  • More than one million data points from across the fleet are available to Komatsu analysts for comparison
  • With the hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) option, you no longer need to worry about owning the hardware or purchasing hardware upgrades.

Learn how Online Vibration Monitor 2 can help minimize your shovel's downtime.