Supplier Information

Supplier information

We consider open, collaborative relationships with suppliers to be vital to our continued success. We value suppliers who are committed to the highest standards of quality while recognizing our need for competitive pricing and innovative solutions.

These pages provide the information you need to do business with us as a supplier. We look forward to strengthening and deepening relationships with our existing suppliers as well as developing relationships with new suppliers in the future. 

We are a world-wide leader in high-productivity mining solutions, creating equipment, parts, and services for the energy, industrial, and hard rock mineral mining markets.

We seek partnerships with suppliers who have a strong safety culture, reliable operations, quality goods and services, competitive pricing, strong cost-management skills, innovative business solutions, and a strong customer focus. Potential suppliers are evaluated based on compliance, financial, health, environment and safety, capability, and information protection risks.

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Commodity segments

We rely on our suppliers to help us create better products. Find out what commodity segments we normally purchase.

Supplier qualification process

Potential suppliers are evaluated based on compliance, financial, health, environment and safety, capability and information protection risks.

Register to become a supplier

We encourage you to register to become one of our valued suppliers.  

Ariba network

Connect with the Ariba Network Portal.

Supplier deviation requests

Underground deviation request

Complete this form to submit a supplier deviation request for mining equipment.

Underground material substitution request

Complete this form to submit a material substitution request for underground mining equipment.

Supplier quality manual

Review the supplier quality manual before submitting deviation or substitution requests.

Part submission warrant

Use the Part Submission Warrant form for initial submissions, manufacturing changes, and supplier design changes.  

Material specification index

Use the Material Specification Index to determine if you are using the correct material specifications.