Mining Intelligence

Mining intelligence

Our mining intelligence technology helps sustain good cost controls and profit growth by providing timely, efficient machine health and performance knowledge.

Your surface mining operations benefits from the timely, efficient machine health and performance knowledge generated by the PreVail remote health monitoring technology. In addition, our payload monitoring system and universal shovel interface provides real-time shovel information to operators and supervisors.

Joy Connect monitors critical operational data on all your room and pillar equipment.

Mining intelligence highlights

  • Payload 2 provides accurate, reliable payload measurements that allow your operators to optimize their loading processes.
  • The PreVail RHM monitors, 24/7, key machine health factors that have the potential to cause costly interruptions or instant and delayed shutdowns.
  • Joy Connect gathers machine productivity-related data from haulage equipment, roof bolters, feeder breakers, and section conveyors.
  • The universal shovel interface enables personnel to use payload and cycle time information to improve operator efficiencies.
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  • Gathers machine productivity-related data
  • Can be fitted to all room and pillar equipment

Longwall 3D Visualization

  • Allows users to virtually navigate the complete longwall face while the system is in production
  • Utilizes live data from the equipment to show equipment operation in real time
Online Vibration Monitor 2

Online Vibration Monitor 2

  • Limits lost production from unplanned shutdowns
  • Provides detailed analysis reports online from anywhere
Payload 2

Payload 2

  • Provides real-time dipper payload information to operator
  • Helps prevent costly material spillage due to overloads
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PreVail remote health monitoring system

PreVail provides timely, efficient machine health and performance knowledge and recognizes familiar patterns and deviations from normal control limits.

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Universal shovel interface

  • Sends and receives data to and from mine management software
  • Compatible with ModularTM, JigsawTM, and WencoTM systems