The rotary drilling method of boring large diameter holes for the mining and construction industries has proven to be very cost effective. Raiseboring has gained worldwide acceptance as the preferred method for constructing ventilation and hoisting shafts, ore passes and hydroelectric penstocks. Tremendous amounts of torque and thrust from the drilling machine are transmitted to the cutting head, each individual member of the drill string playing a vital role in the success of the project. We have been involved in the design and development of the threaded connections, material specifications and manufacturing of raiseboring tools, since the first raiseboring machines were built in the 1960s.

Joy DI Connections

  • DI 22 series of threaded connections was designed specifically for the raiseboring industry
  • Tapered design of the DI22 threaded connections allows for connections to be self centered 

Joy Bit Reamer Stabilisers

  • Designed to centre and stabilise the bit during the pilot hole cycle
  • Incorporate multiple carbide-tipped rollers that are able to cut and size the hole to finished dimension

Joy Raiseboring Accessories

  • Includes thread protectors, lifting bails, ring gauges, and makeup/breakout tools
  • Can also engineer and design customized equipment to suit your specific application

Joy Ribbed Stabilisers

  • Six-ribbed stabilisers are designed to stabilise and centralise the drill string
  • Support and stabilise the cutting head in the reaming cycle

Joy Drill Rods

  • Compatible with all of the raise drills operating around the world
  • Designed and manufactured with an emphasis on durability, weight reduction, and serviceability