Operator Assist

Operator assist

Our operator assist technology helps improve operator performance, comfort, and safety through automated processes or controls.

Shovel productivity is enhanced through our adaptive controls and Track Shield technologies, while longwall shearers benefit from our advanced shearer automation.

Operator assist highlights

  • Our adaptive controls technology increases shovel digging power without sacrificing equipment life
  • Our advanced shearer automation creates fully automated cutting sequences
  • Our Track Shield technology detects and helps prevent a dipper/shovel from striking the crawler shoe

Track Shield

  • Detects and helps prevent a dipper/shovel from striking the crawler shoe
  • Available on P&H 2800 and 4100 electric shovel models

Adaptive controls technology

  • 10-15% improvement in haulage load time
  • 10-15% improvement in dig rate
  • 1-3 year payback on investment

Drill automation

Drill control functions are available through a compact portable console, including geo fencing, auto navigation, auto level, auto drill, and obstacle detection and mitigation. 

Two-way radio remote

  • Designed with the operator in mind
  • Large controls for common functions, easily differentiated by feel
  • Uniquely shaped levers to differentiate functions

Advanced shearer automation

  • Fully automated cutting sequences
  • Ability to create initial cutting profile and extraction heights