Energy Minerals

Energy minerals

The quality of life that most of the world enjoys today depends largely upon a stable and abundant supply of affordable energy, such as coal and oil.

We are proud that our equipment is a key component in many coal and oil sands mining operations worldwide.

Learn more about our innovative solutions used to solve mining's toughest challenges in our customers' coal and oil sands operations.

In addition, learn more about energy minerals in general:

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Finally, learn more about where coal and oil sands are found and how they are used.

Case studies

Moving more for less - a Rio Tinto joint venture

Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA) wanted to increase machine productivity on a P&H 4100 electric shovel considered to be under performing. The goal was a productivity increase of at least 7%, or more than 2 million extra tonnes of material per year.

Gaining 124,400 tons per year at no cost

Personnel at a coal mine knew their operation methods were holding back production levels. We tracked the mine’s “feet mined in the first production hour,” to determine where production was falling short. 

Record-breaking production in Australia

Our customer had aggressive production ramp-up requirements. Our 12ED25, developed specifically for Australia, allowed their mine to ramp up to full production with the first 10 days of operation.

Doubling weekly cutting hours through optimization

Our customer was using basic diagnostics to monitor equipment but wanted to move beyond "breakdown and recovery" mode to a more predictive framework to optimize performance.  

Gaining 66,150 tons per year by optimizing load time

One of the biggest inefficiencies in the continuous mining process is waiting for a batch haulage unit to arrive and get into position. Understanding these delays is key to a successful mining operation, and is seldom obvious. 

Partnering for improved machine reliability

Smart Solutions provides better visibility on potential component failure and downtime to improve machine availability. This powerful offering enables our customers to avoid additional downtime and cost.

Preventing conveyor system downtime

JoySmart Solutions helped our customer resolve excessive startup torque on a main production underground-to-surface conveyor system, resolving the situation quickly and ensuring no costly equipment was damaged.

Background information

Coal Institute

Learn more from the Coal Institute about preserving and promoting the worldwide coal industry, enriching coal knowledge, and inspiring coal support for the future.

World Coal Association

Learn more from the World Coal Association about the coal industry and its major international coal producers and stakeholders.

Current coal prices

Review current coal prices and coal mining news at Investment Mine.

Pioneering underground mining

Learn about Joy's role in the progress of underground mining techniques, particularly for coal. 

Where does our coal come from?

Did you know coal supplies nearly half of America's electricity? Visit Black Thunder Mine with Yul Kwon and discover how we mine this pivotal material.

Background information

Oil sands

Learn more about the oil sands of Canada and their impact on energy, the economy, and the environment. 

Oil sands mining and reclamation

An animation of the life cycle of an oil sands mine 30 years of energy production and land reclamation in three minutes.