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Hard Rock Minerals

Surgical instruments, telecommunication wiring, batteries, drills, jewellery - without hard rock minerals, none of these items would be possible.

We are proud that our equipment is a key component in many hard rock mining operations worldwide.


Learn more about our innovative solutions used to solve mining's toughest challenges in our customers' hard rock operations.

In addition, learn more about hard rock minerals in general:

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Finally, learn more about where hard rock minerals are found and how they are used.


Case studies

Montabert conversion reduces operating costs

Our customer was frustrated by drilling costs and agreed to try a Montabert drifter conversion to determine if they could reduce costs while improving safety and performance. 

Background information

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Copper: material for a modern world

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Case studies

Montabert drifter conversions optimize drill productivity rates

Our customer wanted to lower consumable costs and improve penetration rates and safety. We recommended the Montabert HC-95 drifter conversion as a potential solution. 

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World Gold Council

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A modern day gold mine

Professional gold mining in the 21st century is a large scale, modern industry, using advanced, clean and safe technologies. 

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Nickel Institute

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