We are optimizing performance in surface and underground mining through Smart Solutions.

Here are two real-world examples of what those solutions look like at work:

Underground mining: longwall systems

Joy’s smart, connected longwall systems include complex networks linked to highly sensitive gyroscopes, and thousands of sensors that are constantly monitoring the performance and health of the system.

During operation, as the longwall system moves forward, the roof is collapsing behind it. Sensors placed in the roof supports transmit data to the surface. Complex algorithms translate the data points into visual information that can predict significant changes in operating conditions in the mine.

In a recent case study, the roof support data analysed by our algorithms detected a roof cavity forming. Through advanced analytics, we were able to predict concerns with roof stability, impossible to see with the naked eye, and define the root cause for those changes.

This allowed for immediate actions that impacted the overall mine productivity.

Surface mining: electric rope shovels

Smart Solutions helped a mining client reduce operator-induced damage on its fleet of electric rope shovels.

Shovel operators were not aware of the damaging effect swing impacts were having on their machines. Collisions between the dipper and the bank while swinging accumulate damage in the handle structure, and ultimately result in cracking that requires significant machine downtime and cost to fix.

Through Smart Solutions, we were able to engage with the customer to understand how the established operating behaviours and environmental conditions combined to increase the likelihood of swing impacts. We used data from the machines to illustrate the problem, quantifying how individual collisions contributed to the overall damage observed on the machine.

The information was used to guide an operator training plan, which set targets for improvement and monitoring performance.

By providing visibility and understanding, we were able to achieve an annual reduction of 40% in swing impacts, reducing wear on the machines and increasing availability.

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