We are committed to helping you maximize the productivity of your mining equipment. We offer application field studies that examine not only your equipment usage but your whole mining operations as well.  

Operational evaluations

When we review your machine productivity, we perform a complete operational study. We compare your operator’s techniques against established best practices. As part of that comparison, we perform cycle time analysis, looking closely at the swing, tuck, and dig processes. Since we have customers world-wide, in all types of environments, we are able to use knowledge gained from observing all these locations to provide truly appropriate operating guidelines for your operation.

We also evaluate your entire operational system, such as your truck sizes, road conditions, blasting techniques, and engineering strategies. We look for any areas that could be creating delays, workflow issues, or inefficiencies.

Analysis reports

Based on the complete analysis, we are able to provide the following report:

  • Detailed observations about your operations and equipment usage
  • Suggested improvements for your operator’s techniques based on the mineral and the environment
  • Suggested partners for other areas of your operation, such as blasting processes
  • Total cost of ownership model, showing how the interaction between all the components in your system contribute to the cost of operating your equipment
  • Sensitivity analysis, showing the ideal mix of equipment for your operation; for example, what reducing your cycle time or truck exchange time can do for your productivity levels

This service is available through your account manager.

New product development studies

In addition, we often perform field studies related to new product or system development. If you are willing to provide customer input into our future products or services, technology improvements, or upgrades, we encourage you to let your account manager know that you would like to become involved.