Motor Brushes

  • Designed and engineered to meet the unique demands of P&H mining duty motors
  • Performance-matched to specific mining operating and environmental conditions
  • Stable film formation prevents premature commutator and brush wear
  • Optimized performance means longer service life and reduced maintenance for both brushes and motors
  • Stable film formation prevents harmful electrical sparking
  • Special insertion/tamping process assures secure electrical connections

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A genuine P&H motor brush is designed to withstand

  • Extreme climate conditions
  • Continuous motor operation with sudden changes between low-speed/high-torque and high-speed/low-torque
  • Rapid direction changes between forward and reverse
  • Variations in current densities
  • High shock loads
  • Machine vibration and more

Continuous improvement

If conditions warrant an alternative brush grade or configuration to match the motor's particular operating conditions, we can develop a solution to meet the specific need. That process typically consists of:


  • Auditing of motor and brush performance
  • Comprehensive inspections of the commutator and the commutator
    compartment on operating equipment


  • Reporting of the physical condition of the commutator bar face and ends: indications of mine dust, oil, grease or other contamination exposure
  • Evaluation and recording of the condition of the commutator's surface finish and polish, film color and uniformity, bar markings and the presence of copper-drag or flashover damage
  • Calculation and graphing of brush wear rates, providing a quick visual reference and benchmark for future evaluations
  • Photographic documentation

We employ all problem solving strategies as appropriate to cause minimal disruption to equipment operation while seeking optimal solutions to your challenges.

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