• Increases machine utilization by reducing maintenance and downtime
  • Improves product size
  • Maximizes bit and sleeve life for lower operating costs
  • More energy-efficient cutting leads to reduced component wear and less maintenance
  • Reduces dust for improved machine operator environment
  • Decreases unplanned maintenance activities

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JoyCut is a fully integrated systems cutting solution which:

  • Increases cutting efficiency, reduces the specific energy required, extends component life and improves product size
  • Lowers operating costs, extends component life and reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Improves safety, and reduces the amount of fines and dust produced to improve operator environment

JoyCut is a cutting systems solution that takes into account your mine’s specific geological conditions and production requirements to optimize cutting efficiency, thereby maximizing the productivity of your mining equipment. Joy’s cutting systems solution program not only analyzes your current pick performance, but also analyzes the performance of your continuous miner or shearer as a complete cutting system.

To provide the optimal solution, JoyCut begins by measuring and analyzing your mine's existing cutting system and cutting practices to establish baseline data. When required, geological samples are taken from the face for testing in our controlled laboratory. We have 60 years of industry-leading experience and an extensive database of field and experimental data that help us identify the right configuration and components to meet your cutting system requirements.

Through our direct service model, we work in close collaboration with you to increase the productivity and life of your cutting system through optimized system design and minimized downtime.

JoyCut design elements


  • Application custom fit cutting solution, that delivers optimal cutting and productivity performance
  • Support – fully dedicated global team of cutting experts

Advanced design:

  • Lowest cost per ton
  • Application engineering practices combined with machine design
  • Simulation – purpose-designed test rigs along with propriety drum design software contribute to optimal performance

JoySmart solutions:

  • Comprehensive productivity analysis report
  • Optimization – identify potential bottlenecks early to make corrections before they turn into problems
  • Cutting system Integrated with machine performance


  • Safety – new tools provide a safer and more efficient way to maintain and repair cutting systems
  • Dust – reduce the amount of respirable dust created, creating a safer working environment
  • Particle size – increased recovery of the mined material

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