Joy Stamler RF-5 Reclaim Feeder

Reclaim feeders

Stamler RF-5

  • Ideal for coal, pet coke, aggregates, and other industrial minerals
  • Throughput ranges vary by material density, with capacities up to 4,000 MTPH in coal
  • Heavy-duty engineered conveyor chain
  • Multiple bolt-on/plug-in options/upgrades available
  • Low installation cost: locate on solid, level ground, connect to power, and operate.

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The Stamler RF-5 Reclaim Feeder cost-effectively feeds and blends materials with easy operation and maintenance. Our Reclaim Feeders provide operational flexibility for easy relocation, are designed to fit multiple application needs, and minimize total cost of ownership. The delivery time of the standard Stamler RF-5 is 30% - 40% faster than customized alternatives, putting our customers into production as quickly as possible. 

Designed for ease in loading

The hopperless design allows material to be moved directly onto the integrated drag-chain conveyor. The material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures. A hopper can be incorporated into the design for those applications where material must be contained. A variety of loading options are available, including:

  • Dozers
  • Clam shell bucket
  • Dump truck
  • Excavator
  • Front-end loader
  • Stacking conveyor

Designed for flexibility and productivity

The Stamler RF-5 is uniquely designed for material handling flexibility and productivity:

  • Flexibility - The Stamler RF-5 can be easily relocated to be used where most needed and is designed to fit multiple application needs, including coal, pet coke, aggregates, industrial minerals, and other wet, sticky materials. Stamler RF-5s can be moved from stockpile to stockpile by the same mobile equipment that loads the machine, requiring only solid, level ground conditions for operation.
  • Reliability - With an average life of over 10 years, our simple design with steel components provides our customers with an OE machine that is reliable and durable for maximum production. The Stamler RF-5s are designed to accept pre-engineered, bolt-on/plug-in options and upgrades to maximize machine performance while minimally impacting OE lead times.

Wing Walls: Creates material retention barrier between material and discharge end of the machine, allowing for creation of material surge hopper on intake end.

Max Conveyor Speed Increases: Conveyor speed increases create greater throughput capacity (based on material density), providing greater productivity to the end user.

Extended Intake Kit: Extended intake end increases the live-load capacity, allowing for a reduction in loading machine cycles, reducing fuel costs and component wear on the loading equipment.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): Allows user to adjust conveyor speed (and thus, throughput) infinitely within a 4:1 range. This improves blending capabilities and also accommodation for downstream process constraints.

Electromechanical Flow Gate: The flow gate can be infinitely adjusted within a specific range, extending the machine throughput adjustment capabilities using a VFD. The operator can adjust the flow gate on-demand while keeping personnel out of the material flow.

Electric Automatic Lubrication: Powered grease-pump with injectors for component lubrication throughout machine.  Reduces need for manual lubrication (downtime) while also allowing for automated, periodic maintenance even when machine is running.

Flights Configured for Fine Material: Space between conveyor flights is decreased for fine materials.  Instead of dragging material along conveyor deck, reduce flight spacing allows for material carrying, allow for feeding of fine, as well as abrasive materials.

Tail Shaft Speed Sensor: Reads and outputs rotational speed of tail shaft. Allows for detecting chain breaks and shut machine down to minimize damage to machine from failed component(s).

Flashing Beacon: Amber-colored flashing light that is active at machine start-up, as well as when conveyor is in motion. Improves operational safety, providing visual indicator to compliment standard horn.

Mounting Tab Kit: Kit to allow machine affixing once set in position. Bolted design provides flexibility when anchoring machine in place.