Reclaim feeders

RF-27 / RF-31 / RF-40

  • Throughput: Up to 1 500 MTPH / 2 500 MTPH / 3 600 MTPH
  • Power rating range: Up to 185 kW / 220 kW / 375 kW

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Operational flexibility with low total cost of ownership

Gain operational flexibility through plant integration, using a engineered reclaim feeder with a simple, semi-mobile design to meet multiple applications. For material blending, multiple units can feed the same conveyor belt for effective system capacity utilization. An excellent choice for a variety of industries, including cement plants, ports, aggregate plans, mining and power plants.

  • Customized to fit specific applications
  • Combine unit to meet conveyor system capacity
  • 20 years average life

Low total cost of ownership

Demonstrated machine durability delivers long-term value. Control haulage equipment operating costs by using an engineered reclaim feeder integrated with belt conveyors to move material from the pit to the plant.

Flexibility optimizes valuable resources

Helps reduce wear and tear on haul trucks when used in high-production operations. Designed to effectively handle a wide range of applications, including coal, industrial minerals, heavy ores and other wet, sticky materials

Delivering reliability 

Average in-service life of more than 20 years. Simple design with steel components provides you with a reliable, durable machine to enhance production.

Controllability and job site integration

Connecting to an engineered reclaim feeder from Machine Control Center (MCC) helps deliver efficient operational adjustment and production. Remote connectivity and the Komatsu-engineered onboard VFD integrates with greenfield operations and existing work sites.

Reduce downtime

Take manual component lubrication out of the maintenance equation with electric automatic lubrication. Set the component greasing schedule and let the electric automatic lubrication system do the work for you, even with the machine operating.