Reclaim feeders


  • Ideal for coal and industrial mineral applications
  • Handles throughput up to 3,650 tonnes (4,000 tons) per hour
  • 3.5” chain size
  • Multiple mobility options available
  • Multiple units can be used together for maximum system capacity

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The RF-27 reclaim feeder is an efficient and cost-effective mechanism for blending materials, reclaiming stockpiles, or feeding materials. The RF-27, with a throughput of up to 3,650 tonnes (4,000 tons) per hour, is ideal for coal and industrial mineral applications.

A skid-mounted unit provides extensive mobility for your application’s needs. Electro-mechanical drives are standard, with the option of variable capacity to match changing requirements.

Designed for ease in loading

The hopperless design allows material to be moved directly onto the integrated drag-chain conveyor. The material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures. A hopper can be incorporated into the design for those applications where material must be contained. A variety of loading options are available, including:

  • Dozers
  • Clam shell bucket
  • Dump truck
  • Excavator
  • Front-end loader
  • Stacking conveyor

Designed for flexibility and productivity

The RF-27 is uniquely designed for maximum material handling flexibility and productivity:

  • Ability to blend materials: if your facility needs to blend materials, a combination of reclaim feeders and conveyors is perfect for your needs; when properly designed, multiple reclaim feeders can feed a variety of materials to a single conveyor system
  • Broad range of system capacity options: you can use a single unit to feed your belt conveyor or, if your conveyor system has additional capacity, you can add additional feeders to maximize the conveyor capacity; this flexibility allows you to handle your tonnage rates as required
  • Multiple stockpile handling: you can reclaim and blend onto a central conveyor belt by utilizing several reclaim feeders, feeding from different stockpiles at varying rates

Designed for minimal setup considerations

The mobility and flexibility inherent in the design reduces or eliminates costly civil work and site preparation. The RF-27 only requires solid, level ground conditions for installation. In-ground hoppers, grids, tunnels, and underground belt conveyance systems are no longer required.