Joy S-Rim Roller

  • Medium-duty to heavy-duty roller
  • Eliminates shell to end-disc failure mode

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When conveying heavy bulk materials in the harsh environments of underground and surface mining, you need to have innovative reliable equipment to ensure the optimal conveyor availability and outputs are achieved. With continual increase in tonnages and speed together with operational, health and safety (OH&S) and environment considerations, conveyor components need to be smart in design to meet customer needs. The Joy S-Rim roller balances all the key components resulting in a truly innovative and optimised design to address some of the most difficult challenges encountered in these environments.

End Cap

With significant increased tonnages, the traditional welded end-cap designs are seeing large increases in load, particularly at the end-cap/tube weld joint. The tube bore tolerance is tightly controlled to ensure the minimum fit is generated between the end cap and shell. This fit prevents tensile forces caused by reverse bending of the shell being transferred to the weld. The resulting connection produces infinite fatigue life under nominal loads.

Features include:

  • Weld does not see any reverse bending stress
  • Any potential fatigue failure at the welded joint is eliminated
  • Roller construction protects the weld from in service wear

Sealing System

A key attribute of the S-Rim Roller is the well-defined multi-labyrinth/closing cap sealing system. This design was developed for the harsh and unforgiving iron ore and coal environments, providing excellent protection for bearings against contamination.

Features include:

  • Non-contact – low rim drag sealing
  • Fully tested – in-house and field
  • Fire resistance compliant with approval for underground use
  • Resistant to high pressure hose down.


An optional hollow shaft arrangement is available to lower the roller mass for improved operator handling safety.

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