As one of the hardest working pieces of equipment on an electric shovel, the proper selection, specification, operation and maintenance of the dipper can help you improve your overall shovel operating costs. We are ready to help you get the most from your dipper investment throughout its service life.

P&H Optima Dipper Systems

  • Nominal capacities of up to 120 tons
  • Mine-matching options available for coal loading, hard rock and oil sands
  • Improved digging force at the center of the lip and optimized dump heights for even the largest haul trucks

P&H Optima Series Dipper Upgrades

  • Patent pending roller latch assembly and snubber provide reliable and controlled door closing and opening
  • Raised heel allows operator to maximize full digging forces at the leading edge of the lip, obtaining higher and more consistent payloads
  • Reduced wear on latch bar minimizes or eliminates the need for adjustments for multiple PMs, increasing shovel uptime

P&H SnubRite Dipper Snubbers

  • Dampens the dipper door closing speed to minimize severe door impacts
  • Can be retrofitted to all P&H shovel dippers as well as non-P&H dippers