Joy Pulleys

  • Stress-balanced design philosophy
  • One full penetration longitudinal weld
  • Keyless locking elements

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Joy pulleys are individually engineered to meet the operational requirements of customers in all materials handling applications. Pulleys can be designed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding environments and operational requirements through our commitment to a full range of non-destructive testing and continuous improvement.

Joy pulleys have been installed in applications requiring:

  • Belt widths up to 3,200mm
  • Installed power up to 4,000 kW
  • Handling rates up to 11,000 TPH
  • Assembled mass up to 25,000 kg

Joy pulleys utilise a stress-balanced design that matches stresses and deflections of all pulley components. This virtually eliminates stress concentrations in the pulley, the usual cause of failures.

Live Shaft Pulley

Our live shaft pulley features:

  • Solid-plate end discs
  • Full-penetration weld between end discs and rim
  • Keyless locking elements
  • Hot vulcanized and machined lagging
  • Static balancing of pulley assembly

T-Style Pulley

Our T-style pulley features:

  • One-piece machined turbo-shaped end discs
  • Full-penetration weld between end discs and rim
  • Keyless locking elements
  • Machined pulley outside diameter as required per application
  • Hot vulcanized and machined lagging
  • Static balancing of pulley assembly

DS Pulley

Our dead-shaft (DS) pulley with internal bearings features:

  • Cost-effective and lighter pulley design possible
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Through-shaft lubrication
  • Alignment-free installation
  • Support pedestals sized to replace pillow blocks

Manufacturing and Construction

Our ISO9001 certified capabilities include process control from initial draft and design through to delivery and installation. We can also provide full systems support, advice and fully documented work procedures for installation and maintenance.

  • Computer aided manufacture – In house computer drafting and design systems (CAD and CAM) are linked to manufacturing equipment to monitor accuracy through steel profiling, shell rolling and shaft, end disc and final body machining.
  • Unique weld construction – We have developed proprietary weld construction techniques which consistently produce superior quality welds with reduced stress concentration geometry.
  • In-house stress relieving – Material stress relieving is undertaken prior to machining, eliminating distortion during machining and ensuring extended fatigue life.
  • Taper locking assemblies – Fit the shaft to the body with either single or double taper to suit all applications. The taper locking element allows the shaft to be removed or replaced and provides a consistent connection without the stress raising effects of a keyed connection.
  • Bearings – For high-load capacity and angular tolerance, double row spherical rollers are used in all pulleys and are available in cast iron, SG iron or cast steel housings with re-greasable taconite or labyrinth seals.
  • Lagging – Available to suit each application in plain rubber finish, fire resistant rubber, ceramic tile or polyurethane.


In maintaining our stringent manufacturing standards, pulleys are subjected to rigorous testing at every stage of manufacture, with each finished product carrying an individual serial number and fully documented construction history. From pre-manufacture to supply, we undertake process and materials testing through its in-house NATA accredited laboratory including:

  • Compliance testing of raw materials
  • Dimensional checks on all critical components
  • Dye penetrant tests
  • Magnetic particle tests
  • Ultrasonic testing of shafts, end discs and shell thickness
  • Ultrasonic testing of welds

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