Joy Global joins WCA in supporting coal initiatives for COP21

Joy Global, Nov 30, 2015

The 2015 Climate Conference, also known as COP21, begins in Paris this week and runs through December 11.

The conference marks the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations that delegates will work to achieve a legally binding, universal agreement on climate, with the ultimate goal of keeping global warming below 2°C.

The world’s energy needs, and how coal plays a key role, are a necessary part of these discussions; as affordable, reliable and accessible electricity is vital for the modern world.

In advance of these important talks, Joy Global’s President and CEO Ted Doheny participated in developing the World Coal Association’s position paper on coal, which details how integral coal is to meeting the world’s energy needs. Doheny serves as a member of the WCA’s Executive Committee.

The paper supports a transition away from the least efficient technology in favor of HELE (high-efficiency, low-emissions) coal-fueled power generation technology that is available today. Modern HELE technology emits 25-33 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) and significantly reduces or eliminates pollutant emissions compared to older, less efficient technology.

As stated in the paper, an investment in CCS (carbon capture, usage and storage) could achieve near-zero emissions, thus, the WCA is advocating for additional support in the deployment of HELE and CCS technology, to achieve the COP21 2-degree climate target.

As an organization, Joy Global believes that maintaining high environmental standards is a fundamental responsibility owed to its employees, customers, community and the environment. Ninety-nine percent of Joy Global’s facilities are considered minor emitters of greenhouse gases and the company holds its global supply chain to high standards, as well.

The company’s current technology and future innovations enable its customers to not only supply the world necessary minerals and metals in a safe and efficient manner, but do so in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Coal is an essential part of that equation and the company stands proudly with its customers and the WCA.

Coal: Essential to the modern world

Because of its scale and affordability, coal plays a major role in supplying electricity to meet the world’s enormous energy needs. In particular:

  • it is an abundant, reliable and low cost resource;
  • it provides 41% of the world’s electricity and is an essential raw material in the production of 70% of the world’s steel and 90% of the world’s cement; and
  • it is the fastest growing major fuel in the world and will be a key factor in electricity production for the next 50+ years.

Information courtesy of the World Coal Association

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