We have designed and introduced a variety of rotary blasthole tools to meet the increasing drilling needs of our customers. All of our blasthole tools, including the Sure Wrench, are designed to provide top performance and value: less rig maintenance, more productivity and lower operating costs.

P&H Portable Makeup / Breakout Tool

  • Capable of torqueing 219 to 365 mm (8.625 to 14.375 in.) drill pipe
  • Maximum 244,047 Nm (180,000 ft-lbs.) of torque at 20,684 kPa (3000 psi)
  • Designed to suit any available power supply

P&H Stabilizers

  • Our welded blade stabilizers are manufactured with a body of alloy steel and can be supplied with straight or spiral ribs.
  • The welded blade stabilizers are extremely effective in wet or dry, soft or medium formations, and have been designed for increased life and reduced operating costs.

P&H Swivel Mount Shock Sub

  • The swivel mount shock sub is a resilient coupling used between the drill and the drill pipe on top-drive machines. 

P&H Blasthole Drill Steel

  • Wrench slots or flats are milled to suit the requirements of the drill.
  • All rotary-shouldered connections are kemplated to protect against galling during the break-in period.