Our service centre repairs offer expedient repair turnaround times as well as high-quality repairs that are based on our OEM specifications and procedures. Our centres feature parts, shop services, skilled maintenance staff, project management, and a range of technical support services such as engineered solutions.

Each of our service centres is staffed with experienced and well-trained technicians committed to delivering quality and reliability. Our centres are located either on-site or close to mine locations to optimize service response times.

Experienced staff

Our service centre staff is thoroughly trained on how to repair our equipment to OEM specifications. Everyone from welders to project managers has been certified on approved procedures, using approved parts and materials. When applicable, our staff recommends productivity and reliability upgrades as part of the repair process, based on their extensive knowledge of current technologies.

Genuine OEM parts and materials

Our service centres only use genuine OEM parts and materials during the repair process.

Our parts deliver unsurpassed reliability and maximize equipment performance, productivity, and availability. Our OEM parts give you the confidence to run equipment at peak efficiency and at maximum design capacities. Genuine parts deliver substantial noise reduction, increased strength, and higher mean-time-to-failure, maximizing operator safety. Lower wear and reduced operating temperatures extend the life of core components, minimizing operating costs.

OEM inspection standards

Our service centres adhere to the same inspection and quality control standards that we use during our OEM manufacturing. Repairs follow the same processes and detailed work instructions as used in the original assembly. Sign-off inspections are conducted at each step of the repair process, ensuring that returned components are ready to function without interruption for a full equipment lifecycle.