P&H, 4170C, Mobile Mining Crusher

P&H 4170C

  • Rated throughput of 10,000 to 12,000 tons per hour
  • Offered in sizes matched to P&H 4100 series electric mining shovels, ensuring proper positioning
  • Integrated sizer and conveyor system
  • Features a 4100C-series shovel undercarriage, severe-duty motors, and a planetary propel transmission
  • Centurion control system for efficient equipment communication and maintenance

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The 4170C mobile mining crusher (MMC), with a rated throughput of 10,000 to 12,000 tons per hour, is a key component in truckless mining operations.  The 4170C receives mined material directly from the shovel and reduces it to a conveyable product size. 

The self-propelled, integrated sizer and conveyor system features the rugged undercarriage of a P&H 4100 series shovel, severe-duty motors, and a planetary propel transmission. In addition, the mobile mining crusher is offered in model sizes that are matched to 4100-series shovels.  The MMC uses electronic positioning to move in concert with the shovel to ensure correct positioning at all times. This matching allows for previously unattainable levels of operability, availability, and synchronization, leading to dramatic improvements in overall mining system availability.


  • Ground-supported during loading
  • Configured to mine-specific conditions and capacity requirements
  • Specific wear packages available
  • Accepts run-of-mine material directly dumped by shovel
  • Walls funnel to attached apron plate feeder
  • Shovel can approach at 270° for loading material


  • Two rugged planetary gear cases independently transmit torque to drive sprockets, producing tractive effort necessary for fast, efficient propel and positioning operations
  • P&H DELTA drive low-tension sprocket drive system

Apron feeder

  • Heavy-duty and able to withstand impact of dumped material
  • Equipped with dual-drive variable speed control
  • Can be raised with hydraulics, even when partially full, for propelling

Double-roll crusher

  • Modular design with easy access for maintenance
  • Wheel-mounted roll out for quick shaft/teeth replacements
  • Accommodates multiple material properties, such as abrasiveness or stickiness
  • Dual VFD-control reversible drives

Electro magnet

  • Capable of picking up tramp steel material off the discharge conveyor belt
  • Allows operator to move over an open area and drop tramp iron


Maximum height of hopper 7.9 m 26 ft.
Volumetric capacity struck 170 m3 222 yd3
Nominal capacity 170 m3 303 st
Dipper loads 3

Slewing and luffing discharge conveyor

Length Up to 39 m Up to 128 ft.
Belt speed Up to 2.4 m/s Up to 467 ft./min
Belt width 2400 mm 94.5 in.
Inclination Up to 14 degrees / down 5 degrees
Slewing angle +/-55º from within line of plant

Double roll crusher


9K mt/h
10.8K mt/h

10K st/h
12K st/h
Finished product size:

360 mm
400 mm

14 in.
16 in.
Roll centre distance 1,575 mm 62 in.
Crusher tooth pattern Scroll
Method of securing tooth segment Quick disconnect
Wear material on tooth segment Application dependent
Wear material in sizing chamber Application dependent

Centurion electrical control system

The Centurion electrical control system provides superior performance, monitoring, and data integration capabilities.

The supervisory controller, with direct integrated communication with the motor drives, allows precise motor control and fast cycle times. Real-time multi-tasking capability means optimal machine logic sequencing, monitoring, and control.

The I/O system uses the ‘Profibus’ communication protocol for seamless integration of all shovel subsystems. Low-voltage 24V DC I/O drop points feature open- and short-circuit detection for improved diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Learn how Centurion maximizes your mobile mining crusher’s efficiency. 

Hydraulic breaker hammer

Breaker includes 9.1 m (30 ft.) boom and 170° swing angle to break material both on the apron feeder and in the sizer feed chute. The hammer features 6780 joules (5000 ft-pounds) of energy and a 135 mm (5.3 in.) wedge tool. The hammer operates at up to 2755 psi and 52 gpm. A 75 kW (100HP) hydraulic power unit is provided.