Joy super duty radial cutting system

Cutting radial

Joy Super Duty Radial Cutting System

  • Computer engineered and uniquely designed for optimum longwall cutting in coal applications
  • Features a 127mm (5") effective reach for faster haulage and larger product size
  • Provides 5% better material cleanup
  • Matching drum design to desired output decreases required maintenance
  • Improved pick and block design delivers enhanced performance while reducing replacement and maintenance costs caused by block cracking
  • Unique pick design results in more than 50% stiffer shank, reducing the chance of bending and shanking
  • Features a patented dust and ignition suppression system that meets U.K. ITPP (Incendive Temperature Potential Protection) requirements
  • Design creates a venturi system that improves dust suppression, all the while consuming 33% less water

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Our genuine Joy radial cutting system:

  • Uses 33% less water. Our spray design creates a venturi system through the heel of the new radial pick, thereby using much less water.
  • Improves productivity. Allows for faster haulage, approximately 5% improvement in cleanup and larger product size.
  • Reduces maintenance. Pick design results in 50% stiffer shank, reducing chance of bending or shanking. Retention style reduces pick chatter with an increased bearing area.

Understanding the system

Shearer drum

  • Designed with attention to the pick location in order to optimize cutting
  • Engineered for optimal conveyor loading through the vane positioning and
    provides 5% better material cleanup versus competitors
  • Drum design includes additional picks for face cutting to improve sumping and
    protect the face plate

Pick holder

  • Improved block strength due to 100mm width versus the standard
    competitor 82mm width
  • Designed to minimize block cracking by matching block size to drum vane thickness, protecting the bock weld with the vane and reducing pick chatter

Radial pick

  • Unique pick design results in more than 50% stiffer shank reducing the chance of bending and shanking
  • Optimized contact surface area prevents bit rotation
  • Reshaped heel design creates a venturi effect for the spray system
  • Reshaped head allows free flow of water to the tip
  • Pick retainer style provides improved pick retention reducing pick chatter with an increased bearing area

Spray system

  • Spray completely protected and enclosed by the pick
  • Improves dust suppression while using 33% less water than comparable systems
  • Complies with ITPP regulations