LINCS II control and monitoring system highlights:

  • Controls loader functions
  • Monitors vital operating parameters and gives real-time feedback
  • Transmits data for remote collection
  • Offers live data and troubleshooting ability
  • Enhances operational safety


The LINCS II network control system is designed to help operators meet the challenges of even the most demanding surface mining applications. The dash-mounted interactive touch screen displays:

  • Instant, real-time feedback, with a wealth of information to adjust performance according to conditions
  • Vital statistics, such as bucket height and angle, individual bucket payload, cumulative truck loads, elapsed time per loading cycle, total tons moved, available fuel, vehicle speed, coolant temp, etc.
  • An easy-to-interpret graphical format that can be easily configured to meet personal preferences

In addition, LINCS II increases safety by preventing the operator from executing inappropriate commands. For example, LINCS II will prohibit lifting loads that are beyond the safe loading weight. LINCS II then explains, via the interactive screen, which allows the operator to take immediate corrective action without confusion or wasted effort.

Color-coded alarms

Alarms and warnings are color-coded to reinforce urgency levels:

  • Red alarms indicate that something has failed that could result in catastrophic damage or personal injury
  • Yellow warnings indicate something that affects how the machine performs has failed or is out of tolerance
  • Blue preventive maintenance alerts indicate something is out of tolerance and should be repaired or replaced at the next scheduled PM

Fully-contained system

The system is fully contained in a low-voltage control cabinet, which acts as a centralized location for all I/O between the system and the equipment.

Key functionality access

The operator keypad allows immediate access to key functionality:

  • Alternate height setting
  • Return to dig target
  • Drive state (low, medium, high throttle)
  • Engine RPM setting (low, medium, high)
  • Manual lube
  • Alternate motor torque
  • Alternate motor speed

Integrated support software

In addition, the integrated support software offers the following tools:

  • Service tool: transfers updates and restore points back to the equipment when necessary
  • eLETROchart: shows the current status as well as the performance history recorded by each sensor
  • Log viewer: displays all load information, warnings, and alarms in log format
  • Remote monitoring: allows complete LINCS-related monitoring from a remote location
  • LINCS diagnostics: shows detailed information about each logged warning and alarm

Compatible with other monitoring systems

The LINCS II control system also interacts with the PreVail remote health management (RHM) system, using the powerful communication, command, and control capabilities to transform data and information into more refined knowledge of great value to your operations and maintenance management teams. This knowledge can be shown through:

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards
  • Graphical analysis tools
  • Predictive modeling and reporting tools