Joy Shuttle Car Conveyor Chain

Chains and sprockets

Joy Shuttle Car Conveyor Chain

  • Predictable and manageable service life that comes from superior quality of manufacturing
  • Simple and efficient installation in the machine with bundled chain strands and drop-in flights
  • Built-in dirt relief maintains smooth operation of chain through a wide range of mined materials
  • Integrated chain and sprocket design minimizes downtime and increases component life
  • Time-proven and reliable design provides the longest service life of any shuttle car chain on the market
  • Flight attachments with built-in shear planes reduce bending and binding of chains when they encounter interferences
  • Reliable assembly and disassembly tools lower risks of injury
  • Published component weights and best practices ensure that the operators know how to maintain a safe work environment

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Genuine Joy chain:

  • Maximum productivity of your equipment; integrated into the design of the machine, a Joy chain will ensure you get the most out of your machine
  • There when you need it; Joy is dedicated to providing chain products when and where you need them
  • Service experts; Joy knows what it takes to get the most out your chain and is there when you need us. Joy wants to help you get the most out of your equipment

Conveyor Chain Options

4.1" (104 mm) pitch ladder chain:

  • Superior strength and even wear with flight attachments to roller links
  • Interference failures eliminated by shear plane engineered into flight ends
  • Reliable and serviceable with stainless steel retaining rings
  • Chain binding eliminated by dirt relief provided in journals
  • Easy drop-in flights for standard conveyor widths

3-1/4" (83 mm) pitch loader chain:

  • Toughest conveyor chain for shuttle cars
  • Standard dirt relief in journals eliminate binding
  • Maximize capacity with optimal conveying and load adjusting
  • Ease of serviceability, connecting links interchangeable with miner components and stainless steel retaining rings
  • Optional 35° swing-in flights to clear obstructions
  • Long life components with predictive wear through case-hardened pins

Service and repair:

Chain link service kit

  • Connecting links, roller link, and flight section kits available for servicing the chain

Sprocket shaft kit

  • Sprocket change out kits for servicing the chain and sprockets together

Tool kit

  • Hydraulic tool kits available to safely and efficiently service the chain