On Friday, the 2nd of June 2017, Komatsu officially handed over three newly built classrooms and furniture to the Evander High School.  Present at the ceremony were representatives from Sasol Mining, the Department of Education, the school's governing body and the Evander High School educators.

In the words of the Principal, the completion of the classrooms and hand-over could not have happened at a more convenient time!  The partition separating the three classrooms had already been opened to accommodate 150 learners to sit for their mid-year exams which started on the 5th of June.

Dinah Williams, the Komatsu Transformation Director, stated that corporate South Africa is trying very hard to help education.  Most corporations partner together to offer solutions like infrastructure improvements and support programmes.  She stated that when all children are given an equal chance to obtain quality education, they learn and drive economic growth, fuel innovation and become better equipped with the necessary skills needed to escape poverty and build shared prosperity.