Recently, 17 Mining and Metallurgy graduates visited the Komatsu Mining Corp. Wadeville plant. The visit, facilitated by the SAIMM Young Professional Council, introduced the graduates to engineering career opportunities with our company. The group had a plant tour and met with our regional president as well as engineers and business unit managers.

The responses from the graduates were overwhelmingly positive:

"I would like to take this moment and convey my sincere appreciation for Komatsu giving graduates like myself exposure to how the KMC team strives for excellence in their daily work. I have learned so much in such a short time."

"The experience was an eye-opener to me as a prospective mining engineer. I was able to see where the mining industry is heading and that one needs to brace oneself for the transition that is taking place, moving from conventional mining to mechanized mining. The most important lesson of the day for me was when the president said "as an engineer you do not have to converge but diverge; otherwise, you should go and work at the bank as an accountant". That stood out for me and was a reminder that one needs to keep learning and not rely just on your degree."

"I really had a great time being at Komatsu. Getting to visit the biggest African manufacturer was experience that I did not take lightly because it is not every day that a company allows students to come and see that they are doing. I learnt what the company does in terms of the equipment they produce and the maintenance of that equipment in the field. The company stays innovative because they are focused on being the best in the industry. Finally, I learned what I would need to do to fit in as a mining engineer at this company."

Graduate visit

"Through the first two presenters, I was able to see that Komatsu is a great company to work for due to the fact that it offers its employees the right materials to advance in their careers. In all the departments I went to, safety was emphasized. I was glad to see that the mining industry is not alone is promoting a zero harm working environment. This emphasis assured me that Komatsu makes their machines user friendly and safe to operate. It was an insightful day - thanks again for the opportunity"

"I was one of the University of Johannesburg students that travelled to Komatsu Mining for a site visit. We had a very warm welcome, with staff receiving us with reflective vest, earplugs, smiles and hot coffee."

Komatsu Mining Corp. is committed to empowering South Africa's youth and attracting the best and the brightest in the industry.