The Joy Smartzone Proximity System is intended to help teach personnel to operate a continuous miner from safe working zones and to otherwise stay clear of danger zones. It is not intended to replace training and safe operating practices; rather, it is a useful tool to assist in training personnel.

Helps teach personnel about safe working zones

The Joy Smartzone Proximity System is a user awareness product that helps teach personnel to interact with equipment from safe working zones. Its unique ability to individually recognize and monitor personnel movement around the machine provides an additional layer of analysis for in depth training initiatives.

Maintains operating zones around equipment

The operation of the Smartzone Proximity System is based on electromagnetic principles. The system has two basic components. The first is a group of drivers that are strategically positioned on the equipment. Each driver is embedded in a sturdy metal frame and then shielded with several inches of polycarbonate to help protect it from damage. The second component is a personal wearable device (PWD) about the size of a typical cell phone that can be worn by section personnel who work in close proximity to equipment. The drivers emit an electromagnetic signature that is identified by the PWDs, allowing the Smartzone Proximity System to identify multiple personnel in the vicinity of the machine.

The Smartzone Proximity System maintains operating zones around the equipment, which operating zones can be uniquely tailored to the equipment. Zone one acts as the initial warning zone and signals a person who is wearing a PWD when the wearer is getting too close to the equipment. Zone two is smaller, and functions as the shutdown zone  that disables various machine functions when it detects a person wearing a PWD in that zone. The Smartzone Proximity System uses different zone shapes depending on the machine operation and personnel roles.

Features advanced technology

  • Full plug-and-play capability:All Smartzone Proximity System components are installed in a manner that allows for easy change-out. If a component fails, it can be swapped out for a new one, with no reprogramming necessary.
  • Equipment-specific zone configurations:Smartzone Proximity System’s zone configurations are tailored to both individual equipment shapes and he roles of individual mine personnel. Whether the equipment has hard corners or radii, the Smartzone Proximity System’s unique ability to conform its zone reduces nuisance warnings and shutdowns. The system also has the ability to assign preset zones to mine personnel based on roles and requirements.
  • Faceboss integration:Troubleshooting the system is quick and easy when the Smartzone Proximity System is integrated with Faceboss. Dedicated screens and alarms allow operators to evaluate system health and performance.
  • Machine integrated drivers:The system's drivers are strategically incorporated into the machine to help protect them from damage. No drivers are mounted above machine covers. Extra thick polycarbonate covers are used as an added layer of protection.  
  • Joy service and support:All Smartzone Proximity Systems are backed by Joy’s field service technicians and extensive distribution network.

Performs in-depth diagnostics

The Smartzone Proximity System Diagnostic Tool Kit (part number 100847804) allows customers to have access to the Smartzone Proximity Sysetm to perform in-depth diagnostics. The kit includes a laptop with read-only software, allowing trained personnel to view proximity system configuration and monitor the system in real time (in fresh-air areas only). The kit may be utilized to connect to the Smartzone Proximity  System wirelessly or via a hardwired connection using the included laptop.

The kit includes an eLearning training module for the proximity diagnostic software, component change-out, and antenna cable inspection. 

The Smartzone Proximity System Zone Configuration Kit (part number 100834442) includes all of the above, along with the zone configuration software,  which allows for shutdown and warning zone modifications within prescribed limits.

Features MSHA-approved personnel wearable devices (PWD)

The Locator is a device that is worn  by personnel on the working section. It is MSHA-approved, intrinsically safe, and is self-powered by a rechargeable internal battery.


 MSHA certification number  18-A13003-0 
 Size   2.63" x 4.61" x 1.53"
 Weight   13 oz. 
 Battery life  18 hours
 Charging time   8 hours
 Size of charging station            6 PWDs

Charging racks are available to hold up to 10 charging stations to minimize footprint. A touch screen based locator test station allows for rapid testing of the locators prior to taking them underground.

Offers a wide range of parts and accessories

Diag and Config Prox Kit

Name  Part Number Description 
Driver signal tester 100778344 Non-powered device will light up when placed near a functioning driver. Includes carabiner. 
Locator 100885448 Personal wearable device for the Smartzone Proximity System. Rated battery life: 18 hours. 
Leather pouch 100662139 Official holder for the Locator. Helps protect the location from damage and abuse. 
Locator test station 100819027 Test each locator before taking underground. Tester has touchscreen interface with reporting capabilities. 
Diagnostics kit  100847804 Use this kit for advanced diagnostics of the system; includes a laptop. 
Zone configuration kit 100834442 This kit includes everything from the Diagnostics Kit and adds the ability to adjust zones. 
Single-bay locator charger 100803828  Includes power adaptor. 
Locator charging station 10791999 Six-bay locator charger. Includes 110 V power cable. 
Daisy-chain cable  100785679 For connecting multiple charging stations. Up to 10 charging stations can be connected in series. 
Small charging rack 100798192 Holds up to five six-bay charging stations, allowing for a total of 30 locators to be charged simultaneously. Includes daisy-chain cables, but requires separate purchase of the chargers. Requires wall mounting. 
Large charging rack 100798203  Holds up to 10 six-bay charging stations, allowing for a total of 60 locators to be charged simultaneously. Includes daisy-chain cables, but requires separate purchase of the chargers.