Frequently, only actual parts costs are considered when it is time to make a parts purchase. And on occasion, OEM parts can have a slightly higher price tag than generic parts. However, true total cost of ownership calculations must compare a part’s purchase price in relation to the inherent risks associated with the installation, performance, and impact that a non-OEM part can have on the entire system.

Genuine parts give you assurance...

That you're receiving the correct part

When you order a replacement or consumable part, you will receive exactly the right part for your equipment model. In addition, if your equipment had any upgrades or rebuilds, our equipment service records will allow us to confirm that new replacement or consumable parts are compatible with the upgraded or rebuilt components.

That both quality and functionality are guaranteed

Our replacement and consumable parts are manufactured using the same specifications as the original parts to ensure exact form, fit, and functionality. Similarly, our upgrade parts are designed specifically to perform with perfect compatibility with our equipment. This OEM engineering results in parts with a longer lifespan and reliable equipment performance, with predictable Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and repair/replacement cycles.

That you're receiving the latest design enhancements

Our engineers make continuous design enhancements during a product’s lifecycle and access to these enhancements is only available through us. You simply cannot rely on another vendor to provide you with the latest version of our parts. In addition, you can count on us to manage part obsolescence and recommended replacements.

That warranties and post-sale support are included

Not only do our replacement, upgrade, and consumable parts come with warranties, but we promise complete post-sale support including recalls, if necessary.

That the parts you need are available

One of the key advantages of purchasing parts from us is that we have extensive order history information that allows us to know exactly what to stock in our regional warehouses and in what quantities. Since we have numerous regional warehouses, we are able to supply your needed part as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime.

That you have access to our experts

When you purchase our parts, you have access to our full team of parts experts who will help guide you through the entire selection, purchasing, and post-sale support processes. If your purchase requires specialized technical information, our parts team can tap into the extensive knowledge base present in our organization. In addition, our other parts-related services include operational assessments, preventive maintenance, and field services that help you avoid problems before they turn into emergency parts replacement situations. On many occasions, more is needed than just a spare part and that is when the advantage of purchasing your parts directly from us becomes clear.