The raise bore workshop in Santiago, Chile is the most advanced full-service inspection and repair center for this type of equipment in the region. The workshop uses the latest technologies and highly qualified personnel to repair drill rods up to 40 feet long.

Advantages of raise bore services

Time- and cost-saving advantages of our services include:

  • Significant extension of useful rod life
  • Ability to handle repairs locally

In addition, our field inspection capabilities mean you need to send only the drill rods that need repair, reducing your transportation costs to and from our facility.

Rigorous repair procedures

All raise bore rods undergo the following rigorous procedure:

  • Pressure cleaning: High-pressure water cleaning removes all traces of paint, rust, and grease. Rods are then thoroughly washed with a special solvent to remove any debris that wasn’t removed during the pressure washing.
  • Magnetic particle inspection: Magnetic powder is applied and energized. Ultraviolet light scanning identifies areas that need repair.
  • Repair: The CNC lathing process, using the specialized Megabore lathe, recovers any damaged threads by cutting, machining and re-creating the thread, restoring the rod to its original measurements.
  • Acid cleaning: Finally, the rod is treated with phosphoric acid to clean any repair residue and protect the threads.

Our investment in trained personnel and the latest CNC equipment means that you can enjoy significantly reduced maintenance costs through the repair, rather than the replacement, of your raise bore rods.