Understanding draglines inside and out

We developed a true center of excellence with our dragline service organization. Our staff comprises more than 800 years of combined experience in draglines, meaning we are the OEM with more institutional dragline mining knowledge than anyone else in the industry.

Comprehensive dragline upgrade programs

The experience is most evident in our dragline upgrade programs. Only we provide a comprehensive line of P&H upgrade components for P&H draglines, as well as for draglines from every other major manufacturer. When we exchange your current high-maintenance OEM components with reliable, proven P&H components, you will see increased machine reliability and availability, which in turn translates to higher production.

We have planetary swing transmission, dragline boom designs, ventilation modules, and other upgrades available to make your dragline more dependable and productive. All our upgrade components are designed for severe dragline operations and have a proven track record in numerous mining applications around the world.  

Rated suspended load improvements

We can also evaluate your dragline to determine if rated suspended load (RSL) improvements are possible, by examining the following:

  • Hoist and drag motor heating
  • Line speed balance
  • Running rope size
  • Suspension pendants
  • Propel and swing stability

Electrical system upgrades

In addition, our electrical system upgrade capabilities include:

  • Centurion operating system
  • PLC operator interface controls
  • Static analog drives
  • Digital AC and DC drives
  • ABB, Avtron, Siemens, and GE DC2000 motors
  • Variable frequency drives

Our electrical system upgrades apply our world-class technology to your equipment without exceeding the OEM specifications for that machine. 

Other upgrade programs available

Numerous upgrade programs are available, including the following: