Electric rope shovel upgrades

P&H Transient Filter System

  • Corrects mine power supply issues
  • Applicable all digital drive DC equipment
  • Available as a retrofit upgrade on many shovel models

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The P&H transient filter system corrects mine power variation issues such as voltage spikes and resonance due to the following issues:

  • Long trail cables
  • Inadequate cable size
  • Transformers unable to properly supply power to multiple pieces of equipment
  • Dirty power supply

Energy spikes (transients) within the mine power grid can stress electric motors and other electrical equipment; the following systems could indicate the need for a transient filter system:

  • Frequent diverter trip faults
  • Frequent motor arc horn damage
  • Accelerated brush wear

The P&H transient filter system uses two filters, one on each of the main transformer secondary units, to reduce the incidence of brush sparking and diverter trips on hoist, crowd and swing motors. The results are:

  • Increased motor life
  • Increased brush life
  • Fewer diverter trips
  • Fewer motor flash overs

The transient filter system is available as a retrofit upgrade on the following shovel models:

  • 2800XPB
  • 2800XPC DC
  • 4100, 4100A, 4100XPB and 4100TS
  • 4100 BOSS and 4100X BOSS DC

This filter system is now standard equipment on all new P&H DC shovels. 

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