Timberock bolter system

Bolter heads

Timberock Bolter Systems

  • Designed to enhance your hard rock drilling operation with flexible and durable materials
  • Multi-carrier function means increased productivity as the bolter heads are set up for a variety of bolts

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Bolter head patented technology and design in alignment mechanism, flexible bolt centralizer, system and method of loading rock bolts provides operations multi-carrier function with increased productivity and safety while reducing operating costs

Timberock bolter system designed to enhance your hard rock drilling operation, with flexible and durable materials, offers you a complete rock support system. We offer five bolting heads for conversion, incorporating two independent feed systems mounted on a rotational indexing system. Multi-carrier function means increased productivity, as the bolter heads are set up for a variety of bolts, including swellex, friction bolts, and chemical bolts, indexing system, up to 9 bolts carousel system, independent feed crowd, hydraulic stinger extension, integrated mesh handler and alignment tool, and integrated bolt handling system.

Provide a safer operating environment for your workers with a bolter head that removes the operator from working under unsupported ground conditions. This bolting system also doesn’t require multiple operators, allowing you to reduce risk and maximize labor efficiencies.

Bolter head components include:

  • Hydraulic Centralizer allows for longer drill depth or drill steel extensions
  • Index System allows for convenient and precise line-up of rock bolts with drilled holes
  • Flexible Bolt Centralizer allows the centralizer to flex out of the way of the bolt driver
  • Independent Feeds help operators get into narrow and awkward spaces
  • Bolt Carousel holds all types of bolts and is hydraulically operated from the unit, increasing bolting cycle efficiency
  • Patented Screen Handler is mounted directly to the bolter stinger tube, making it convenient for operators to hang screen

Timberock bolter systems

Drifter options

Bolter options

Standard Option
Fixed centralizer
Hydraulic centralizer
Patented screen handler
Drill steel handler

Unit specifications

Bolt range


Feed extension

16-13/16” (427 mm)

Stinger extension

17-13/16” (452 mm)

Carousel capacity

Up to 9 bolts


Drifter specifications

Striking bar (drilling)

Female R25/R28/R32

Striking bar (bolting)

Male R32/38


Consumable specifications


Split-set, Swellex, Rebar


6” x 6”

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