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Joy Takeups

  • All-electric, hydraulic, and gravity are available
  • Designed to provide a smooth conveyor start, regardless of loading conditions
  • Designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions

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Improper tensions, either high or low, can severely damage the belt and other key components of your conveyor system. We offer a comprehensive range of take-up options, including winches, gravity take-ups, and hydraulic take-ups, designed for your specific application.

Winch options

All-electric constant tension winch

Our all-electric constant tension winch provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional take-up designs that use sheaves and hydraulic power systems. With line pull ranging from 25,000 lbf to 150,000 lbf, the Joy electric constant tension winch is capable of providing belt tensioning requirements on lengthy, high-tension applications.

The design allows you to monitor belt tensions and provides the ability to apply variable rope pull to the take-up carriage or belt storage unit. The winch is “smart” and can adjust to dynamic load conditions found in many complicated systems. It also allows the motor to reach full torque at zero speed. These features help maintain proper belt tensions regardless of load conditions and belt speed.

We have incorporated progressive engineering, dependability and ruggedness into our latest winch design:

  • The gearbox is internal to the winch drum for a more compact design, reduced maintenance and longer life for the equipment.
  • Winches are shipped mounted, aligned and ready for installation, reducing set-up time required during commissioning.
  • The winch break is located on the high-speed input side, allowing for a smaller unit and ease of maintenance.
  • More line pull with less horsepower equals savings in operational costs.

Properly equipped all-electric winches can maintain precise tension control by achieving full torque of an AC motor with zero shaft RPM. 

All-electric pony winch

Our all-electric pony winch is a compact version of our constant tension winch which also provides the efficiency, proven reliability, and savings of all-electric winch technology but in a smaller package. Pony winches allow digital control and are designed to maintain belt tension at a constant level. The Pony winches are available in 30, 40, and 50 horsepower configurations and are ideal for systems that do not require extremely high take-up tensions. The standard configuration includes a non-grooved drum, gearbox, electric motor, electric brake, encoder, and controller. The drum can be grooved, as an option.

The Pony winch electrical package is offered in three different arrangements:

  • Basic package - Precision tension control and accelerated reaction times when compared to hydraulic take-ups. Safety features necessary to comply with local regulations are included. A simple programmable logic controller (PLC) is offered, but not required for control. This package can also be offered with or without a human-machine interface (HMI) screen.
  • Enhanced package - Basic Package features, plus HMI screen, PLC, and a simple communication protocol are included.
  • Premium package - Enhanced Package features, plus operations commonly offered with our full-size winches are available. A more advanced PLC and higher quality HMI screen are included. Additional safety checks are added to the operating program inside the PLC and more.

Existing hydraulic take-ups can be retrofitted to all-electric winch systems; the hydraulic power, sheave section and cylinder pack are eliminated. 

Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic winches are also available for take-up and belt storage unit applications.

Gravity take-up options

Our gravity take-up systems use a counter-weight to achieve proper belt tension. This type of take-up offers an economical and predictable option for taking slack out of the belt and is a suitable option for many simple belt conveyor applications.

Hydraulic take-up options

Our hydraulic cylinder take-up sections are designed to pull slack out of the belt for a smooth conveyor start, regardless of the loading conditions. These take-up sections can withstand extreme conditions with minimal downtime. The hydraulic take-ups are available in arrangements ranging from 10’ to 40’ of travel.

Hydraulic power units

The Joy hydraulic take-up power unit provides an accurate, reliable mechanism for proper tensioning of your belt system. All units are factory set and tested based on your tension requirements.

A system of pressure-sensing switches provides constant monitoring of the hydraulic circuit:

  • A low-pressure switch starts the hydraulic pump when a minimum safe operating level is reached
  • A high-pressure switch stops the pump action when the maximum level is attained

This switch method provides an intermittent operating motor and pump as opposed to a continuous system, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements.

All hydraulic unit components, including the accumulator, are integrally mounted on a common welded-steel, skid-type base. The hydraulic power unit is designed to be compatible with either fire-resistant fluids, standard hydraulic fluid, or synthetic fluids.  Our power units are available in 460, 575, 995 volt AC in 25, 40, 60, 100 and 125 horsepower arrangements.

Immersion heating element and control circuits are available for cold-climate operations.