Joy, 10SC32, Shuttle Car

Batch haulage

Joy Shuttle Cars

  • Wide variety of rated load capacities available
  • Optidrive AC electronic system to provide smooth transmission responsiveness
  • Heavy-duty, high-power drive train to handle heavy loads in arduous conditions
  • Heavy-duty conveyor reducers and abrasion-resistant conveyor decking to improve reliability and durability

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First introduced in 1938, Joy shuttle cars continue to be the gold standard for batch haulage vehicles in the underground mining industry. Our shuttle cars are known for their exceptional reliability, lower operating costs, and sustained high levels of productivity.

Joy shuttle cars are designed to work as a system with continuous miners, efficiently removing cut material from the working face and maximizing the productivity of the entire section.  Our product line includes:

  • 10SC32: five models with rated load capacities ranging from 8 to 30 tonnes (9 to 33 tons) and operating heights from 1.3 to 2.7 m (53 to 104 in.)
  • 10SC42: features a rated load capacity of 16 tonnes (18 tons) and is ideal for mid-to-high seam applications
  • 21SC04: features a rated load capacity of 8 tonnes (9 tons) and is ideal for low- to mid-seam applications

The chassis and rolling gear on each of our shuttle car models were designed, using finite element analysis, to find the optimal balance of:

  • Volumetric load
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Load-carrying ability
  • Fatigue life

Hauling power

Our heavy-duty, high-power drive trains enable our shuttle cars to haul heavy loads in the most difficult conditions. Two 85kW VFD AC traction motors (50kW in lower seam models) power the permanent four-wheel drive system. The cast pivot axles are virtually indestructible, while the heavy-duty conveyors and abrasion-resistant conveyor decking improve reliability and durability. 

  21SC04 10SC32AA 10SC32AB 10SC32C 10SC32D
Machine rated capacity  8 tonnes
9 tons
11 tonnes
12 tons
14 tonnes
15 tons
20 tonnes
22 tons
30 tonnes
33 tons
Recommended tire size 35x15  12x20 14x20 14x24 18x20
Optimal seam height for operation
(load end height)
1.4 m
56.5 in.
1.6 m
63 in.
1.9 m
75 in.
2.2 m
87 in.
2.8 m
110 in.
Load end height 0.8 m
30.5 in.
1.0 m
37.25 in.
1.0 m
39.5 in.
1.4 m
56 in.
1.7 m
66 in.
Minimum seam height1, 2  1.2 m
48.5 in.
1.3 m
53 in.
1.6 m
63 in.
2.0 m
77 in.
2.6 m
104 in.
Minimum canopy height  1.0 m
38.5 in.
1.1 m
43 in.
1.3 m
51 in.
1.7 m
66 in.
2.4 m
92 in.
Motors (with preferred Optidrive) 50 Hz
60 Hz
Pump 25 kW
30 kW 40 hp
Conveyor 24 kW
25 kW 34 hp
(2) 24 kW
(2) 25 kW 34 hp
Traction 50 kW
50 kW 67 hp
85 kW
50 kW 67 hp
85 kW
85 kW 115 hp

1. Configuration to meet this height may impact operator compartment ergonomics.
2. Canopy set to lowest height. 

Optidrive AC

The Optidrive AC variable frequency drive (VFD) system integrates electrical, software, electronic, and mechanical systems to provide the following features:

  • Increased tram speed: our maximum vehicle tram speed, now at the statutory limit of 6 mph (9.6 km/hr), translates into more haulage trips per shift. The Optidrive system also significantly increases the tractive effort available, improving the shuttle car’s ability to climb gradients and negotiate difficult roadway conditions
  • Regenerative braking: automatic regenerative braking by the electric motors supplements the mechanical brakes, allowing the latter to run cooler with extended wear life. Regenerative breaking is also highly effective at automatically maintaining constant speeds when descending gradients
  • Better speed control: with infinitely variable tram speed capability, operators are easily able to precisely control the shuttle car’s speed. Smooth acceleration and deceleration leads to less operator fatigue and the ability to creep the shuttle car forward behind the miner at a constant speed during the cutting cycle, preventing damage caused by inadvertent machine contact
  • Less maintenance: AC traction motors are typically more reliable, durable, and require less maintenance than DC traction motors since there are no commutator brushes to inspect and replace

Learn how Optidrive can help improve your productivity. 

Remote control system

The optional remote control system permits deeper cuts since an unmanned shuttle car can follow a continuous miner under an unsupported roof section. This significantly improves the overall productivity of your room and pillar operations.

JoyRide TM independent suspension systems

A four-wheel independent suspension system, available on select models, is designed for applications with uneven and/or broken roadways. Each wheel rides on struts that compress and absorb the energy related to a bump and, in doing so, reduce the energy transmitted to the rest of the car (and most importantly, the operator). This allows the operator to maintain higher shuttle car speeds with less fatigue. In addition, the reduced energy transmission means less structural damage to the chassis, leading to longer overall machine working life.

Note: This feature is not available for the 10SC32A and 10SC32D models.

On-board camera system

The on-board camera system improves operator visibility, using FLIR (forward-looking infrared) cameras; system includes two monitors mounted (one forward looking and one backward looking) in the operator’s compartment.

550V DC Input

The current AC-VFD drive units have been re-designed to accept a 550 VDC input, allowing the DC voltage to be directly supplied and eliminating the need for any DC rectification internal to the drive unit. Relocating the DC rectification off the machine allows for a second motor output, without increasing the drive unit package size. The DC voltage is then converted into a variable frequency AC output voltage between 5-90 Hz – the same as the current AC-VFD drive units.

Note: This feature is only available:

  • In the US
  • On models 21SC04, 10SC32AA, 10SC32A, 10SC32AB, 10SC32B

Download the 550V DC specification sheet to learn more.

VFD conveyor

The variable frequency drive (VFD) conveyor reduces the shock loading of all key conveyor drive components, increasing the reliability and availability of the conveyor system and allowing operators the ability to adjust shuttle car discharge rates to match the mine belt infrastructure.

Note: This feature is available in the US only.

Download the Optidrive for Shuttlecar Conveyors brochure to learn more.

Joy Connect

Joy Connect is a system which can be fitted to all equipment within a room and pillar mining section. The system allows for machine productivity-related data to be gathered from haulage equipment, roof bolters, feeder breakers, and section conveyors; data can also be acquired from non-Joy equipment.

Learn how Joy Connect can help improve your productivity.

15" Wheel Rim Unit

The latest 15" wheel rim shuttle car wheel unit includes improvements to the king pin and bell seal. These improvements provide increased reliability and performance. 

Note: This feature is available for the 21SC04 model only.

Download the 15" Rim Wheel Unit specification sheet to learn more.

Diagnostic Display 

This color diagnostic display for all AC-Optidrive shuttle cars is MSHA approved and can be mounted in the operator's compartment. This system provides real-time data, with text messages that simplify troubleshooting, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Key features include:

  • Two simple, easy to read screens that are automatically changed based on the status of the pump motor
  • A large, six-inch LCD screen, showing information on both VFD drives, including tram current, thermal overload, base and ambient temperatures, line current, DC bus volts, digital inputs and outputs, and communications status
  • Speed is displayed as a percentage, allowing operators to better judge speeds when approaching a continuous miner or feeder-breaker
  • Data logging capability to internal memory
  • Can be added to any Joy AC Optidrvie shuttle car, either as an OE option or part of the rebuild process. 
  • Provides fault status as text messages on the screen 

Download the Diagnostic Display specification sheet to learn more.