Joy (former MTI), Shaft Jumbo Drill

Shaft sinking equipment

Joy Shaft Jumbo Drill

  • Equipped with Montabert HC Series drifters for the lowest-in-class operating costs (up to 56.8% savings)
  • Allow for small and large excavation
  • 360° rotation at top turret for maximized boom coverage
  • Hydraulic pilot controls with enabled remote control for increased safety
  • Lightweight and durable JF feeds with 3.6 to 5.5 m steel available

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The Joy shaft jumbo drill product line includes three models, with drifter options. The drills feature the following highlights:

  • Equipped with Montabert HC Series drifters for lowest-in-class operating costs (up to 10% improved penetration rates and 56.8% savings in operating costs)
  • Can be modified to use one, two, or three booms for different sized shafts
  • Can be paired with the Joy Shaft Mucker to create a continuous shaft cycle
  • Hydraulic pilot controls with enabled remote control operation for increased safety
  • 360° rotation at top turret for maximized boom coverage
  • Lightweight and durable JF feeds, with 3.6 to 5.5 meter steel available
  • Stainless steel electrical panel for improved water resistance in shaft applications
  • Ability to drill at 90° which allows for bolting and ease of starting stations
  • Auto-parallel boom for proper alignment of holes
  • Hydraulic power pack for the ability to run auxiliary system such as galloway jacks and other hydraulic equipment
  • Can be rebuilt and modified for other shaft sinking applications

The integrated JF feed includes:

  • Simple design with improved ease of maintenance
  • Lower profile with a heavy-duty feed cylinder
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy structure
  • Right and left hand feeds
  • Single-wheel hose winder
  • New-style, fully adjustable wear blocks
  • Wear pads and strips designed for easy replacement
  • 3.6 – 5.5 meter steel options available
  • Upgraded feed cables – to ½” – for extended life
  SJ155H SJ255H SJ355H
Boom 1 2 3
Drifter HC 109 or HC 110
Lubrication Auto lube
Bucket well diameter 1.83 m 1.88 m 2.7 m
Emergency stop Electrical, 1 @ electrical panel, 1 per operator console
Power unit 100 HP electric /74.5Kw IP55 rated (1 per boom)
Boom controls 4 and 5 section hydraulic valve (1 per boom)
Drill controls 3 Section hydraulic valve (1 per boom)
Remote controls Optional
Function Tandem hydraulic pumps 130CC/60CC (1 per boom)
Reservoir capacity 152 L 244 L 303 L
Boom coverage one boom only 6 m
Boom swing -11º to +60º from vertical
Boom rotation 360º
Feed advance 1524 mm
Feed rotation 360º
Feed swing 180º

Montabert drifters

Our Montabert HC series drifters are designed to provide the following advantages:

  • High penetration rate
  • High  output power
  • High level of efficiency
  • Economic installation or adaptation
  • Smooth drilling in any ground condition, even when reduced feed force is applied
  • Optimum drill  consumable life span

In addition, the drifters feature the following:

  • Ultimate generation of hydraulic dampener ensures the impact energy transmission, as well as absorption of harmful residual shock waves
  • Very short drifter for its power category: no extra length, maximizes the drilled /feed length ratio
  • Separately lubricated and pressurized drifter front end
  • Two accumulators complete with dampening system to reduce vibration and wear
  • Integrated energy recovery system
  • Modular design with interchangeable  front ends, striking cartridge, rotation motor and porting blocks   so you can easily adapt the drifter front end

Several options are also available:

  • Rear or front hydraulic portings  to fit on bolting applications
  • Innovative quick striking bar exchange with optional very short built-in hydraulic extractor
  • Anti-corrosion front end