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P&H Replacement Gearing: GE 240t AC Truck Drive Systems

  • Gearing components have B10 life of 24,000 hours
  • One-piece forging on torque tub provides greater fatigue life
  • Available as replacement parts or as part of rebuild/overhaul services
  • 12 month or 6,000 hour warranty

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The replacement gearing for GE 240t AC truck drive systems has been specifically engineered to achieve optimal gearing performance. Longer component life means fewer rebuilds and less downtime related to wheel motor change-outs, improving your machine availability and lowering your maintenance costs.

The replacement gearing includes the following gear components:

  • Drive ring
  • Planet gear assembly
  • Sun pinion
  • Torque tube

These replacement components can be applied to the following products:

  • SGE25A Series and SGEB25C Series wheel motors
  • SGEB2SA Series wheel motors found on CAT unit rig MT4400 haul trucks**
  • SGEB25C Series wheel motors found on Komatsu 830E haul trucks**

** Always confirm the wheel motor manufacturer before ordering. 

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