Joy, RamTrak 2300, Mobile bolter

Mobile bolters

Joy RamTrak 2300

  • Compact, flexible machine that is ideal for outby bolting
  • Ideal for 1.85 to 5.0 meter working heights
  • Narrow width, single-boom bolting machine
  • Extensive boom and rotary movement for complete range of roof, rib, and floor bolting
  • Wide reach option available for secondary bolting needs

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The RamTrak 2300 mobile roof bolter is a highly versatile, narrow-width, single-boom bolting machine with extensive boom and rotary movement for a complete range of roof, rib, and floor bolting. The RamTrak 2300 is extremely compact, allowing excellent maneuverability, yet still handles working height ranges from 1.85 to 5.0 meters.

In addition, these electro-hydraulic machines feature semi-automatic drill operations.

Designed for maximum bolting versatility

  • 360° rotary actuator for placing bolts in a variety of different positions (roof, rib, or floor)
  • Extendable arm with side-to-side, as well as lift and twist, movement for accurate indexing and positioning of bolts; the range of motion allows secondary bolting in awkward locations such as above/below a conveyor belt structure or behind obstacles

Designed for maximum application compatibility

Numerous options are available:

  • Temporary roof support
  • Rotary wet/dry vacuum roofbolting
  • Standard or long-reach articulating arms
  • Gas drainage version (long hole drilling)
  • Cable bolting adaptation for semi-automatic bolt installations (up to 15 m long)
  • Single operator configuration (allows a single operator in “place change” operations, such as secondary cable bolting installation or gas drainage drilling)

Designed for wide-reach bolting

The RamTrak 2300 wide-reach bolter is specially adapted to provide a wide range of drilling and bolting solutions in difficult conditions. This single-mast bolter can handle numerous roof and rib bolt positions from a single location. 

Typical operating range 1,850 to 5000 mm
Length (typical) 5,700 mm
Width (typical) 1,660 mm
Height (typical) 1,820 mm
Machine weight 10,000 kg (depending on options)
Ground pressure at max. rated load 95 kPa (depending on options)
Hydraulic motor 60 kW (1140V or 1050 V or 550V 50 Hz)
Hydraulic traction 0 to 28 m/min.
Rotary actuator Wide range of drilling positions
Boom swing Sideways +/- 28º, raise/lower +32º / -23º, twist +10º to -15º
Dual controls Rear of machine and pendant control
Canopy Optional