TRC series dippers


P&H TRC Series Dippers

  • Trapezoidal dipper design optimizes fill factors by placing the largest volume where material flows into the dipper during digging, without adding additional weight.
  • Roller latch system and door provide reliable and controlled door opening and closing, leading to significantly lower stresses that can lead to structural cracking.
  • Cast equalizer provides up to 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) of additional dig and dump height, giving you more flexibility to keep up with changing mine plans

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The next generation of dipper technology

The dipper is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment on your electric shovel. We understand the importance of this complex tool and have created our TRC series dippers to help you minimize field maintenance and maximize performance for your operation. The designs for our newest dippers combine more than 135 years of shovel dipper designs and patented technologies with insights provided by our customers.

Increased productivity

  • Innovative shape increases dipper volume by up to 10 percent while remaining under RSL
  • Raised heel design allows operators to maximize full digging forces to obtain higher and more consistent payloads
  • Roller latch system and hydraulic snubbers provide reliable and controlled door opening and closing

Lower total cost of ownership

  • Low-friction, rolling interfaces throughout the roller latch system enable components to frequently last from rebuild to rebuild*
  • Genuine P&H hydraulic snubbers paired with our patented roller latch door significantly lower stresses that can lead to structural cracking
  • Raised heel provides additional clearance between dipper heel band and mined material, greatly reducing wear and the need for repairs

Enhanced safety

  • Longer-living components and a reduction in wear decreases need for employee maintenance in the field between rebuilds

*Rebuild to rebuild is defined as 30 million tons of material moved or 10 months for hard rock applications (whichever comes first) or 50 million tons of material moved or 12 months for coal/overburden applications.

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