Dipper latch


P&H Optima Series Dipper Upgrades

  • Patent pending roller latch assembly and snubber provide reliable and controlled door closing and opening
  • Raised heel allows operator to maximize full digging forces at the leading edge of the lip, obtaining higher and more consistent payloads
  • Reduced wear on latch bar minimizes or eliminates the need for adjustments for multiple PMs, increasing shovel uptime
  • Low friction, rolling interfaces of the latch assembly enable components to frequently last from rebuild to rebuild
  • Heavy duty, reliable snubber reduces maintenance costs on dipper body, door, latching system and haul trucks
  • Additional clearance between dipper heel and mined material greatly reduces wear and the need for repairs
  • Less time spent on door and dipper adjustments reduces employee exposure to safety risks

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Genuine P&H Optima series dippers and upgrades:

  • Have been proven to eliminate door latch adjustments between Planned Maintenance (PM) intervals
  • During field trials PM door latch adjustments have been reduced by as much as 75%
  • Due to longer component life, door latch component replacement costs have been reduced by as much as 80%
  • More than 500 shovel dippers have been installed over the past 15 years. We have supplied more electric mining shovel dippers than all other manufacturers combined

Understanding the system

Roller latch door

  • Sliding interfaces between the latchkeeper, latch bar, latch lever and shimbox have been replaced with a deeper engagement rolling pin assembly for increased reliability
  • Typically does not require adjustments for multiple preventative maintenance intervals
  • Low friction rolling interfaces have replaced sliding interfaces to substantially decrease wear
  • Reliable opening and closing increases operator confidence for increased productivity

Heavy duty SnubRite

  • The new Heavy Duty Snubrite utilizes all of the proven technology of our standard version, but more than doubles the amount of snubbing force for larger and heavier dipper doors
  • Patent pending design utilizes larger pressure relief valves to eliminate pressure spikes and reduce stress on dipper and shovel structures
  • Dual operation dampens dipper door opening and closing for more controlled flow of material into truck

Raised heel (zero degree lip)

  • Enables the shovel operator to maximize hoist pull and digging forces at leading edge of the lip to achieve optimal fill factors
  • Additional clearance between the heel of the dipper and material being mined reduces wear on the heel 

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