P&H Optima Dipper Systems

  • Nominal capacities of up to 120 tons
  • Mine-matching options available for coal loading, hard rock and oil sands
  • Improved digging force at the center of the lip and optimized dump heights for even the largest haul trucks
  • Reduced corner loading and wear on tooth adapters and heel band, providing extended pin and bushing life
  • Enhanced geometry for fast, easy filling, easy dumping and optimum loads

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The dipper is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment on your electric shovel and the actual link between the earth and your payload. We understand the importance of this complex tool and the factors that will provide maximum performance for your operation.

Our P&H dippers utilize over 90 years of shovel dipper designs and technology along with insights provided by our customers. Productivity of our designs are monitored globally by our personnel and analyzed by our engineers so that we may remain the market leader – by every measure.

Mine Matching

The Optima dipper system is designed to be mine-matched for your specific application:

Coal loading

Specifically designed for coal to provide optimum payload performance versus dipper weight, this design is used for easy digging and low material density such as coal that has been blasted. Generally much larger in size than a hard rock style dipper, internal stiffeners are used to provide added structural support.

Hard rock

Wide radius lips are typically selected over square corner design to improve fill factor and dig cycle and minimize carry-back of material. This design is used in copper, gold, hard rock and coal overburden.

Oil Sands

Our optimizer design provides superior performance and reduced maintenance. Its unique design improves fill time and payload. The body utilizes a reverse taper design to reduce drag, while the heel is raised to improve efficiency and reduce risk of striking track shoes when the dipper is in the tuck position.

TripRite™ electronic door trip system

Reduce your cycle times and lower your cost per ton with more reliable door trips, while reducing trip maintenance and adjustment time. TripRite delivers line pull robust enough for the largest payloads and digital control for smooth rope control and easy operator adjustment.

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