Montabert, HC-50, Drifter

Montabert Drifter Conversions

  • Wide range of drifters and cradles make adaptations simple on competitors' units (bit size, hole length)
  • Lower noise levels and less vibration enhance operator environment
  • Increased tool life (striking bar, bits and coupler) decrease your cost
  • Stronger rotation systems for better reliability
  • Maintenance-free accumulators
  • Reduction in vibration (less wear on drifter body sections and pins, bushings, boom, etc.)
  • Lowest maintenance drifter on market

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We are a premier provider of Montabert drifter conversions in the field. Our extensive experience and unique level of conversion knowledge means we are able to handle virtually all drifter conversions, regardless of the drill manufacturer. Our experts determine the best solution to match required specifications through an established customer inquiry process along with our selection tools.

Our drifter conversions result in improved reliability, reduced production cost and consumable cost, improved penetration rates, lower noise level and lower maintenance costs.

Cradle adaptations

We utilize enhanced engineering designs and innovative material for our cradles to produce a robust and reliable cradle that will stand up to the toughest environment.

Integrated engineering systems

Montabert drifters have been designed with extensive engineering knowledge of transmission and percussion mechanism theory, utilizing new concepts such as progressive blow energy and hydraulic dampening.

Energy recovery valve

This valve allows the piston rebound energy to be utilized for the next blow, giving a definite advantage to HC series drifters:

  • Better efficiency
  • No internal peak of pressure source of cavitation
  • Best drifter position


The unique design of the piston generates a perfect, long shock weave of a trapezoidal shape:

  • Better transmission of energy at the couplings
  • Minimize stress into the drilling rods
  • Better bit penetration

Hydraulic dampening system

  • Optimum shock wave transmission
  • Protection of the drifter and tools
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Reverse percussion device (optional)

    The optional hydraulic reverse percussion system ensure real back hammering:

    • Tool extraction in fractured ground


    Weight  60-71 kg
    132-157 lbs
    Percussion power 4 Kw
    Impact rate 300 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 45 l/min
    140 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 30-48 l/min
    175 bar
    Application Light bolting, drilling
    Hole range 25-51 mm


    Weight 71 kg
    157 lbs
    Percussion power 8 Kw
    Impact rate 3900 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 65 l/min
    110-150 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 30-48 l/min
    175 bar
    Application Light face drilling, bolting
    Hole range 38-64 mm
    1/2 - 2 1/2"


    Weight 102 kg
    225 lbs
    Percussion power 13 Kw
    Impact rate 2700-4400 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 80-105 l/min
    150 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 25-52 l/min
    150 bar
    Application Face drilling, bolting
    Hole range 45-76 mm
    1 3/4 - 3"

    HC95 LH

    Weight 186 kg
    Maximum output 17 - 24 Kw
    Maximum impact frequency 2900 - 3400 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 106 - 138l/min
    180 - 200 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 75 l/min
    210 bar
    Application Long hole

    HC95 SA

    Weight 175 kg
    Maximum output 21 Kw
    Maximum impact frequency 3300 - 3800 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 95 - 118 l/min
    165 - 200 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 48 - 75 l/min
    210 bar
    Application Face drilling, long hole, bolting, scale


    Weight 142 kg
    313 lbs
    Percussion power 18 Kw
    Impact rate 2900-3500 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 100-135 l/min
    135 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 30-60 l/min
    150 bar
    Application Face drilling, long hole, bolting, scale
    Hole range 45-102 mm
    1 3/4 - 4"


    Weight 200 kg
    441 lbs
    Percussion power 27 Kw
    Impact rate 3800-4800 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 90-170 l/min
    165-225 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 65-76 l/min
    175 bar
    Application Face drilling, long hole, tunneling, shaft drilling
    Hole range 51-89 mm
    3 - 5"


    Weight 248 kg
    547 lbs
    Percussion power 27 Kw
    Impact rate 2500-2750 BPM
    Percussion flow pressure 170 l/min
    180 bar
    Rotation flow pressure 70-80 l/min
    175 bar
    Application Long hole
    Hole range 76-127 mm
    3 - 5"

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