Joy Loop Takeups

  • Available in single- or multiple-lap configurations
  • Works with our drive control systems to provide flawless conveyor tension control

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The Joy belt storage unit consists of a bolted construction rail system, stationary pulley cluster, rolling pulley carriage, and a winch assembly.

Designed for automatic operation

The pulley carriage and idler carriages are designed with vee-grooved wheels. These wheels move along inverted angles that are secured to heavy-duty I-beams and automatically drop return belt supports (drop-off carriages) at set intervals along this unit as the belt is stored. The drop-off carriages are then automatically retracted as the carriage moves back.

Designed for easy installation and relocation

The rugged framework and carriages are substantial enough to withstand rigorous mining conditions, but are also portable enough for movement between installations. For relocation, the winch and moveable carriage are removed and frame is disassembled into sizes suitable to your environment. After re-assembly, the wire rope is re-attached to the carriage and the unit is ready to operate. Because of its modular design, no tedious reducer/motor/winch realignment is necessary.

All-Electric constant tension winch

Our All-Electric constant tension winch provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional take-up designs that use sheaves and hydraulic power systems. With a belt capacity ranging from 40’ to 1500’ and line pull ranging from 25,000# to 125,000#, the Joy All-Electric constant tension winch is capable of providing belt tensioning requirements on lengthy, high-tension applications.

The design allows you to monitor belt tensions and provides the ability to apply variable rope pull to the take-up carriage or belt storage unit. The winch is “smart” and can adjust to dynamic load conditions found in many complicated systems. It also allows the motor to reach full torque at zero speed. These features help maintain proper belt tensions regardless of load conditions and belt speed. 

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